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Lucinda Literary’s Get Signed™ Course The Class Curriculum

Module 1

What Publishing Path is Right for You?

  • Identify the audience your book serves; decide on the right goals
  • Learn what a literary agent does, and if you need one, where to look
  • Get answers to questions, such as: if I’ve self-published, how does this affect my career?
  • Once you’ve identified your path, how to approach making your book idea a reality
  • Special guest: Kelly Notaras, editor, author, and founder of KN Literary. Kelly discusses the value of an outside editor on fiction and nonfiction, common amateur mistakes, and elements your writing package must reflect before you approach an agent or publisher.

Module 2

How to Create the Perfect Query Package

  • What is a query letter and what purpose does it serve? (hint: these letters can help with your Amazon description too)
  • Debunking all the bad query strategies you’ve learned to actually break through
  • The most common mistakes we see in query letters
  • Winning query examples (that led to six-figure deals)

Module 3

Find Your Publishing Partner, Get Response

  • Best submission strategies
  • How to respond to certain feedback from agents (i.e. rejections, acceptances, requests for material)
  • When and how to follow up
  • How to be irresistible in your conversations with agents or publishers
  • When the connection is right (and when it’s absolutely wrong)
  • Stories from the trenches: ways in which our clients convinced us to take the leap of faith!
  • What publishers are looking for right now
  • Special guest: Mollie Weisenfeld, Editor at Hachette Books.

Module 4

How to Get a 6-7 Figure Book Deal

  • What “platform” really means, and easy ways to think about marketing
  • What you’re missing in your social media efforts
  • The three keys to landing a major deal
  • How to build a winning idea
  • The trends we’re seeing among 6-7 figure book deals
  • Real-life author case studies
  • Special guest: Fauzia Burke, author, book publicist, publishing consultant and speaker
  • Special guest: Jayne Allen, author and serial entrepreneur

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Disclaimer: Get Signed is intended to help any fiction or nonfiction author at any stage in the querying process. It will not guarantee an agent or a book deal. Please note that by providing your email as you enroll in this event, you will receive future emails from Lucinda Literary. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.