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Dave Pell

Author of Please Scream Inside Your Heart (Hachette)

Writer for NextDraft

Writer and creator of the popular newsletter NextDraft, Dave Pell has been writing about news, technology, and media since 1999. His writing has been syndicated in Time, Wired, NPR, McSweeney’s, Gizmodo, Forbes, Quartz, among numerous other outlets. He’s regularly invited to participate in public speaking opportunities and podcasts, and has recently spoken about The Future of Media in the Trump Era at UC Berkeley’s BAMPFA Theater and SXSW. Dave is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, sits on the board of 826 Valencia, and is a longtime advisor to the Center for Investigative Reporting. Dave lives in Sausalito with his wife, two kids, two beagles, two cats, and mother-in-law.


Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Published on November 9th, 2021 with Hachette Books