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Coaching Membership

You have a book in you. But how do you take the next step?

Many of the students who enter our coaching community are just like you. They are looking to write books with impact—books with the power to change people’s lives.

But the truth is, without an experienced publishing guide, most writers find themselves lost in a sea of confusion, helplessness, and misinformation. Worse, they can’t get meaningful expert feedback. They come up against a brick wall, with no way to break through to the gatekeepers who make publishing decisions everyday.

If you believe you have what it takes to be a published nonfiction author, literary agent Lucinda Halpern wants to help you get there. Based on her 15 years of experience representing and marketing books, she is that gatekeeper, and she will give you an executable plan to accomplish your goals. (See our clients’ success stories below.)

In a series of 6 uniquely tailored 90 minute workshops, Lucinda will take you through an accessible roadmap to build a book package that sells and offering personalized feedback along the way. By the end of the curriculum, you’ll gain the confidence, resources, and support needed to elevate your book to the next level and get it ready for market.

The Class Curriculum

  • Session One: Discover Your Big Idea

  • Session Two: Learn What the Market Looks For

  • Session Three: Be Visible Where Agents & Publishers Can Find You

  • Session Four: Find the Right Partner—Learn How Agents Work

  • Session Five: Pitch Effectively

  • Session Six: Get Gatekeepers to Say “Yes!”

Additional Benefits

  • Class assignments to stay on track, with personal review and feedback by Lucinda.
  • The support and encouragement of a small community of writers just like you.
  • Access to all of our online courses on demand!
  • Insider video resources with industry experts (such as Hay House publisher Patty Gift, bestselling authors Chris Bailey (The Productivity Project) and Cait Flanders (The Year of Less), book marketing veteran Fauzia Burke, and more!).
  • Exclusive takeaways curated for our coaching students that will save you effort, time and money.

Your Membership Value

A book deal with a publisher can be anywhere from 2-7 figures. But the resulting opportunities—a speaking career, thought leadership, growth for your business, prestige, and other revenue streams—will endure well beyond your book. Your book is just the beginning of a new career.

You have dreamed about this for as long as you can remember. It’s time to take action.

Get started with one of our payment plans:

$997 per month
Made in six payments

One-time payment of $5,447
Pay in full at a discount

Register for all 6 classes and you’ll get a final personal review session for free! Spaces fill quickly—apply today:

Once your application is submitted and payment is accepted, we will be in touch to let you know the class timing that’s best for our group!

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Testimonials from Our Students

“[Lucinda’s program is] packed with valuable information, insider insights, and actionable tips. Most importantly, it delivered on its promise—I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”
—Dr. Mary Anderson

“I count myself immeasurably fortunate to have stumbled upon Lucinda’s book proposal coaching membership… The Program was invaluable… the live events and evergreen courses demystified the end-to-end proposal process… Lucinda is an aspiring author’s secret weapon. Getting to work alongside a prolific industry insider, who rolled up her sleeves to help me craft the most compelling pitch possible was an absolutely dream come true… [and] I got a book deal!
—Sara McElroy

“Lucinda’s prowess? She is able to guide a creative person’s mind—which fires in a million divergent directions—towards a single, poignant, powerful idea…and then helps refine the idea to ensure it resonates with readers. Masterful!”
—Serena Quaglia BFA MA

[Lucinda’s] seminars, private chats, and specific comments… got me a publishing contract within two week of sending out my proposal! Lucinda has a lot of energy and her passion to help you success is extraordinary! Her team is also dedicated to keeping you focused and on task. It has been a profitable and rewarding experience working with Lucinda Literary.”
—Lee H. Rosen

The clear guidance to find my writing community led me to Lucinda and this group… It’s a vulnerability I’ve never known and I WANT MORE. From the first session, it’s been so easy to share things that I’ve only shared with those closest to me. I believe it’s the freedom that’s necessary in the transformation of my little story into a big idea. You’ve ignited breakthrough after breakthrough and I have nothing but gratitude.
Colleen Ryan-Hensley

Who is this program for?

  • Nonfiction writers just getting started with the publishing process
  • Aspiring authors who are finalizing a book proposal to send to agents in the traditional publishing process
  • Writers beginning to query or already in conversation with agents or publishers
  • Published authors re-entering the marketplace
  • Anyone who wishes to learn about and understand the inner workings of the publishing industry

Who is this program not for?

  • Fiction writers
  • Those who are unsure they wish to publish books—we require dedication!
  • Writers already signed with agents and publishers
  • Those disinterested in or resistant to feedback and collaboration
  • Nonfiction writers who are certain they will self-publish
  • Writers without any experience in either their field or their craft

Ready to Get Started?

Disclaimer: This program is intended to help any nonfiction author at any stage in the publishing process. You can discontinue at any time if you no longer wish to participate. Though there is the opportunity to receive representation at Lucinda Literary, it will not guarantee an agent at this agency or elsewhere, or a book deal.