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Lucinda Literary’s Contracts 101 Masterclass

You’re on the verge of getting a book deal. Or, you’re simply curious about what rights you’re entitled to as an author—and what practices you should watch out for during contract negotiation, especially if you’ll be navigating the process on your own.

In our Contracts 101 Masterclass for Writers, veteran contract negotiator Deirdre Smerillo will bring her 35 years of publishing experience at Random House, Hyperion, and now president of Smerillo Associates to walk writers of all stages through the basics of book and film contracts. Leaving this session, you’ll know what to expect, what to watch for, and—most importantly—how to protect your intellectual property.

She’ll be joined in a brief discussion about negotiating contracts with Lucinda Halpern, agent, and president of Lucinda Literary. This package contains the full 90 minute recording, along with exclusive resource packets to cement everything you’ve learned.

$99 for the complete course. Ideal for fiction and nonfiction writers.

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Disclaimer: All our programs are intended to help further the work of any fiction or nonfiction author. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal.

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