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Lucinda Literary’s Get Signed™ Course Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much time will it take to review the course?

Each lesson is roughly 60 minutes with limited Q&A. The assignments to complete (optionally) in between lessons may take up to two hours maximum. This course is designed to weave easily into your existing obligations.

2. What are the benefits of taking this course?

In Get Signed, you will learn…

  • The right publishing path for you, the right goals, and the audience your book serves
  • What a literary agent does (and if you need one, where to look)
  • Answers to questions, such as: if I’ve self-published, how does this affect my career?
  • What bad publishing practices to be wary of
  • Best practices for researching and contacting agents
  • What’s needed to craft a successful query letter and the most common query letter mistakes
  • How to interview and select the right agent
  • What you’re missing in your social media efforts
  • What publishers really mean by “platform” and easy, shame-free ways to think about marketing

3. If I’ve been published before, or if I plan to self-publish, will the course be useful to me?

Absolutely. This course speaks to the pros and cons of all publishing paths, and gives perspective on what’s most important to publishers and readers today (and always). Because we spend a large portion of time discussing marketing, the course is designed to help those more effectively market their work to readers, even if they ultimately choose to self-publish.

4. Does Get Signed guarantee me representation from Lucinda Literary, another agent, or a publishing contract?

Get Signed was designed to help writers drastically increase their chances of getting notice and response using tried-and-true strategies that have won us, and won book deals. As one of our workshop attendees said, we help you “unlearn all the bad publishing advice you’ve been told.” We unfortunately cannot guarantee representation by Lucinda Literary or any other firm as a result of taking our program.

5. Will I have the opportunity to get individualized feedback if I complete the course?

Yes! If you’re interested in discussing your progress with Lucinda and/or other writers in our community, your enrollment in Get Signed automatically grants you the opportunity to join our Private Facebook Group. You can separately book face-to-face time with Lucinda on our Workshops and Consultations page.

If you have any questions, or if you experience technical issues as you register, please contact us here.

Disclaimer: Get Signed is intended to help any fiction or nonfiction author at any stage in the querying process. It will not guarantee an agent or a book deal. Please note that by providing your email as you enroll in this event, you will receive future emails from Lucinda Literary. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

If you did not find this masterclass helpful, refunds are available for 10 days after the purchase date.