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Lucinda Literary Presents GET SIGNED

In today’s market, it’s never been more challenging for writers to find a publisher or agent to represent their book. Our online course Get Signed™ is designed to save writers a lifetime of confusion, frustration, and getting nowhere using proven techniques to get noticed, get responses, and drastically increase your chances of getting signed by an agent or publisher. Get Signed is led by literary agent Lucinda Halpern, founder and president of Manhattan agency, Lucinda Literary. Scroll down to view the class curriculum, testimonials, and pricing.

Who is this course for?

  • Writers brand new to the publishing process
  • Aspiring authors who are unsure of whether they should self-publish or pursue traditional publishing
  • Seasoned queriers looking to step up their submissions game and get a response to their work
  • Published authors re-entering the marketplace
  • Those who wish to learn and understand the inner workings of the publishing industry

Why do you need this course?

  • You’ve always dreamed about publishing a book
  • You have a great book idea, and want to create or improve your pitch
  • You’ve contacted agents and publishers, but aren’t receiving meaningful feedback
  • You’re considering a new career path, or are eager to earn royalties in your sleep

What will you learn?

  • What agents and publishers always look for in authors and book ideas
  • The right (and wrong) ways to find and communicate with agents and publishers
  • Best practices for researching and contacting agents
  • What’s needed to craft a successful query letter
  • The most common query letter mistakes
  • How to interview and select the right agent
  • All about your existing platform: tips for strengthening and highlighting yours, shame-free self-marketing, and what agents and publishers need to see
  • Client case studies and industry trends: what makes for 6-7 figure book deals



Join a network of other writers, with the opportunity to have exclusive access to our private Facebook group

Get permanent access to course videos, takeaways, and assignments

Receive coaching and industry insights directly from Lucinda and other publishing experts, including established authors and editors

A lifetime value of insider wisdom that could actually get you responses from agents or publishers


Testimonials from the First Graduating Class

“Get Signed is an excellent masterclass! It’s packed with valuable information, insider insights, and actionable tips. Most importantly, it delivered on its promise—I’m proud to say after implementing the advice of the course and Lucinda, I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”
—Dr. Mary Anderson

“Lucinda’s courses are an invaluable resource for authors facing the daunting task of getting their book to market. Get Signed is well-organized, crammed with important information and absolutely worth the fee. Lucinda Halpern is highly experienced, giving and perceptive — in short, she’s the real deal!”
—Peter Melnick

“Lucinda combines a positive attitude with constructive criticism to give authors inspiration and specific guidance. Her experience and advice is relevant for both new authors and those already published. My query letter improved immensely through this course to shine at its best. I have renewed hope.”
—Heather Buchanan

“For writers who are not New York adjacent, the opportunity to meet and learn from an established literary agent is invaluable.”
—Participating writer

“Lucinda is especially adept at navigating a group of very different people (who are at different points in the process), making sure everyone gets heard and learns a lot, and ensuring that all participants get connected and learn something from each other as well. The program is interesting, illuminating, and makes what can be an overwhelming process navigable, and fun!”
—Leanne Shear

“Being part of Lucinda’s class removed all of the isolation and mystery around the publishing process I’d felt working on my manuscript. I now know what it takes to break through, and feel so happy and confident in the publishing path I’ve chosen. Thank you, Lucinda, for offering this needed and valuable course!”
—Participating writer

“Get Signed was everything I hoped it would be. Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance regarding my next steps. Not only did Lucinda’s warm and inviting energy quickly create a sense of community among everyone participating, but Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.”

—Troy Hadeed

Pricing: Our Special Fall Offer

$497 $397Payable in two deposits of $198.50 over the course of two months

Includes all four session recordings, key takeaways and exercises, and the opportunity to have access to our private Facebook community.

If you have any questions, or if you experience technical issues as you register, please contact us here.

Disclaimer: Get Signed™ is intended to help any fiction or nonfiction author at any stage in the querying process. It will not guarantee an agent or a book deal. Please note that by providing your email as you enroll in this event, you will receive future emails from Lucinda Literary. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

If you did not find this course helpful, refunds are available for 10 days after the purchase date.

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