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The Lucinda Literary Gold Membership

Get Your Proposal Done in 90 Days

Book publishing is a long and arduous process for writers—we’re here to make it easier, and fun.

Our Gold members enjoy coaching from Lucinda Halpern, president of Lucinda Literary, every 3 weeks, allowing you time to revise and receive adequate review from Lucinda while keeping a strong cadence. At the end of 6 sessions, and Lucinda’s query review, our goal is to have you set and prepped to get your book to market. You can always renew should you need more time.

We only allow 6 writers into each group, by application only, to make sure you’re a fit for Lucinda’s expertise and the other writers in the group. As a small group, writers benefit from a ton of personal attention and ongoing support. Our application list is always long, and we only have limited places available.


You’ll Receive These Tools and Benefits

  • Our signature course Get Signed

  • Consistent group coaching with Lucinda, President and Literary Agent

  • All-access pass to our live events, featuring publishing experts and bestselling authors

  • Access to all our recordings on demand

  • Unforgettable and exclusive video resources with publishing insiders—worth the price of admission!

  • Regular support from Lucinda and other writers in a new VIP Facebook community

  • Weekly writing prompts to keep writers on track towards publishing goals

  • Entry into our ultimate challenge – the potential to win representation by our agency!

Your Gold Membership Includes

  • Six group coaching sessions held over 90 days to develop and strengthen your book proposal (valued alone at $10,000!)
  • Free passes to all live events and online courses, including our signature course Get Signed
  • Access to our VIP Facebook community so you can keep in touch with Lucinda and other writers in our programs
  • Weekly writing prompts and exercises to keep on track and stay motivated
  • Takeaway toolkits and assignments, such as our Book Proposal Template and Marketing Guide for Authors
  • Entry into our ultimate challenge – the potential to win representation by our agency!
All combined, these resources total a value of $20,000, but you can receive them all today at a significant reduction.

How Much Will It Cost?

Get started with our monthly subscription for as little as

Made in six total deposits

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What Writers are Saying

“[Lucinda’s program is] packed with valuable information, insider insights, and actionable tips. Most importantly, it delivered on its promise—I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”
—Dr. Mary Anderson

“Lucinda’s courses are an invaluable resource for authors facing the daunting task of getting their book to market. [Her programs] were well-organized, crammed with important information and absolutely worth the fee. Lucinda Halpern is highly experienced, giving and perceptive — in short, she’s the real deal!”
—Peter Melnick

“Lucinda’s prowess? She is able to guide a creative person’s mind–which fires in a million divergent directions–towards a single, poignant, powerful idea…and then helps refine the idea to ensure it resonates with readers. Masterful!”
—Serena Quaglia BFA MA

Get Signed was everything I hoped it would be. Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of publishing and get guidance regarding my next steps. Not only did Lucinda’s warm, inviting energy quickly create a sense of community, but she gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.
Troy Hadeed

The clear guidance to find my writing community led me to Lucinda and this group… It’s a vulnerability I’ve never known and I WANT MORE. From the first session, it’s been so easy to share things that I’ve only shared with those closest to me. I believe it’s the freedom that’s necessary in the transformation of my little story into a big idea. You’ve ignited breakthrough after breakthrough and I have nothing but gratitude.
Colleen Ryan-Hensley

How to Apply

Applying is easy, and writers at any stage of the development process are welcome. When you submit your application, make sure to:

  • Provide your query letter, book synopsis, or a sample chapter
  • Tell us what publishing goals and/or questions you wish to cover with Lucinda
  • Share basic contact information and/or relevant website or social media links

You will hear back from an associate about your application status within 24 hours.



Who is this program for?

  • Aspiring authors who are unsure of whether they should self-publish or pursue traditional publishing
  • Nonfiction and fiction writers new to the publishing process
  • Writers beginning to query or already in conversation with agents or publishers
  • Published authors re-entering the marketplace
  • Anyone who wishes to learn about and understand the inner workings of the publishing industry

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Those who are unsure they wish to publish books—we require dedication!
  • Writers already working with agents and publishers
  • Those disinterested in or resistant to feedback and collaboration
  • Nonfiction writers who are certain they will self-publish
  • Writers without any experience in either their field or their craft

Stop Dreaming, Start Achieving

You find the time to write each day—because you have a literary agent who believes in you.

You’ve sold your book. You receive an advance you never dreamed was possible.

Your editor is the smartest visionary in the world. You have your own publicist.

Your book—that’s your name on the jacket!—is out on bookshelves.

This can seem unimaginable to so many writers who have submitted their work to agents and not received a positive response, or any response at all. After all of your hard work and passion, the pain of rejection and the mystery around what really breaks through can be extremely hard to bear.

But in my years running Lucinda Literary, I have seen all of these dreams come true. I’ve seen you—where you are now, and where you’re going. And my burning desire to meet you where you are and help you get your book idea out there is why I’ve developed the Membership program. This comprehensive toolkit and coaching for writers, curated by industry experts, will keep you educated, inspired, and on track to meet your publishing goals. If you’re already familiar with our signature course Get Signed, consider this the Get Signed Accelerator.

If you’ve always dreamed about publishing a book, don’t wait another minute to grab these expert resources that aren’t available anywhere else.



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Disclaimer: This program is intended to help any fiction or nonfiction author at any stage in the publishing process. You can discontinue at any time if you no longer wish to participate. Though there is the opportunity to receive representation at Lucinda Literary, it will not guarantee an agent at this agency or elsewhere, or a book deal. Please note that by applying to join the membership program, you will be subscribed to our newsletter and will receive future emails from Lucinda Literary.