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Lucinda Literary’s Letter Better Workshop On Demand

Getting an agent today requires a brilliant book idea, sharp writing, and a solid platform, all of which need to be present in the query letter pitching your concept. In this popular program, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the art of creating a successful query letter, capture an agent’s attention, and finally craft a query destined to break out of the slush pile.

As part of this course, hosted by Lucinda Halpern, you will:

  • Learn what agents and publishers are looking for in your letter
  • Discover the seven deadly sins of querying to avoid
  • Unlock nine winning tactics to drastically improve your query
  • Gain access to sample query letters hand-selected by Lucinda’s team
  • Unlearn all the bad publishing advice you’ve received about the query process, and learn tried and true submission strategies
  • Leave with a sense of hope, clarity, and excitement about the process

Additionally, your purchase of this online course allows you to book a FREE 20-Minute Coaching Call with a Lucinda Literary agent!

Ideal for nonfiction and fiction writers.


Disclaimer: All our programs are intended to help further the work of any fiction or nonfiction author. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal.