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Lucinda Literary’s Workshop for Memoirists Why Memoirs Sell and How to Market Yours

You’ve got a story to tell—one that’s unique and personal to you. You’re ready to share it with a wide readership. But how do you know if agents and publishers will see potential?

In this course, join Lucinda and a group of participating writers to learn the top techniques for selling your memoir to the market. This unique course offered by Lucinda Literary includes:

  • The five essentials every memoir proposal needs
  • The top errors seen in book pitches for memoir, plus best strategies for pitching agents and publishers
  • Access to samples of memoir query letters we’ve signed
  • Insights on market trends: recent memoirs that sold and why
  • Encouraging guidance for building your platform, and getting your story out there right now
  • Answers to burning questions from memoirists, such as: should you work with a writer or write the proposal and book yourself?
  • Learning what publishing path is right for you

Writers will also receive our proprietary templates, including:

  • Sample Memoir Submission Letters: A packet of memoir submission letters that have won publishers and received book deals
  • Lucinda Literary’s Book Proposal Template: An outline that teaches you the mechanics of building a book proposal for your memoir
  • Magnetize Your Social Media: A comparison sheet to help make sure your online presence checks off all the boxes agents and publishers evaluate in your platform

Best of all, Lucinda is joined for a portion of this program by traditionally published author and writing coach, Tiffany Hawk. Tiffany will enlighten you on the best memoir writing processes as well as the tried-and-true strategies she’s seen help memoirists get their books signed and published.

Bonus! You’ll also have access to two Q&A interviews with publishing insiders. View Lucinda’s chat with Lucinda Literary client Michelle Dowd, journalist, New York Times contributor, and author of a memoir with Algonquin based on her experience growing up in an evangelical cult: Forager. You’ll hear from Michelle how it is she began getting her name and story out there, and of course, about her book and book deal!


Our second interview features agent Jackie Ashton and Tracy Sherrod, VP, Executive Editor (Little, Brown – Hachette Books). You’ll learn about the types of narratives that truly capture Tracy’s and other publisher’s attention, and how your story can incorporate and highlight the irresistible elements most necessary to break through the memoir market.

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Includes one 60 minute recording, bonus videos from publishing insiders, four exclusive resource downloads, and a FREE 20-minute coaching call with a Lucinda Literary agent.

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Disclaimer: All our programs are intended to help further the work of any fiction or nonfiction author. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal.