Announcing Our New Live Course, Get Signed

Imagine the following scenario…

You find the time to write each day—because you have a literary agent who believes in you. She is rooting for you from the sidelines, she is motivating you to keep going, she is giving you feedback, and she’s waiting on your pages.

Now imagine you’ve sold your book. You receive an advance you never dreamed was possible. Your editor is the smartest visionary in the world, and he thinks this will actually be a pretty big book. You have your own publicist. Your book—that’s your name on the jacket!—is out on bookshelves. It’s on display at your local Barnes & Noble. People want you on the radio. They want you on TV. And sure, you wouldn’t mind speaking for… what did you just offer me to speak? Movie rights to your book have been optioned. There were multiple bidders.

Here at Lucinda Literary, we’ve seen all of these dreams come true. We’ve seen you—where you are now, and where you are going.

We’ve met with many of you in our workshops and heard from you in our private Facebook group, where we’ve asked what your burning publishing questions are and what challenges we can solve for you.

The response has been overwhelming.

We’ve heard from you what a difference it would make to hear constructive feedback from agents, let alone a response at all. So many of you are struggling to understand what’s even marketable in today’s publishing climate—whether to give up or keep trying. You have spent years thinking about your book. Many of you have spent years writing it, and so it’s vital to create a pitch that breaks through. You’re ready to see if there’s a way to make a career out of writing, or a way to earn royalties and still keep your day job.

And so, thanks to your input, we’re excited to announce something we’ve been incubating since your enthusiasm and interest came flooding in. We’ve designed our first online course, intended to get you on the right path and save writers from a lifetime of confusion, frustration, and getting nowhere. In it, you will:

  • Identify the right publishing path for you, and gain an understanding of pros and cons
  • Learn how to create the perfect query package, and receive hand-selected query letter examples to use as models
  • Learn the right ways to interview and keep a dialogue warm with agents and publishers
  • Get insights on what makes for a 6-7 figure book deal—including industry trends and real-life case studies
  • Get your every publishing question answered over the course of our events
  • Gain access to recorded lessons as well as assignments to keep you on track (FREE)
  • Become a member of our private Facebook group, where writers can connect with one another and ask questions of Lucinda (FREE)
  • Have the opportunity to speak with Lucinda about your goals and material during a private consultation

Registration for the course is now open. Enroll today for a chance to be a part of this first-of-its-kind opportunity.