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You have a dream to publish a book. Now’s the time to realize it.

Publishing shouldn’t be so mysterious. At Lucinda Literary, we’re on a mission to demystify, educate, and bring your book idea to market through our live events, consultations, and on-demand courses.

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Get Signed™ is designed to save writers a lifetime of confusion, frustration, and getting nowhere using proven techniques to get noticed, get a response, and drastically increase your chances of getting signed by an agent or publisher. This course includes access to four video modules, plus exercises and takeaways, created and led by Lucinda, with guest appearances from bestselling authors, publishers, marketing experts, and more.

If you’ve always dreamed about publishing a book, want to create or improve your pitch, or are contemplating a new career path or side hustle in book publishing, Get Signed™ is for you.

$397 for the full program. Ideal for fiction and nonfiction writers.

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“Get Signed is an excellent masterclass! It’s packed with valuable information, insider insights, and actionable tips. Most importantly, it delivered on its promise—I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”

—Dr. Mary Anderson

“Get Signed was everything I hoped it would be. Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of publishing and get guidance regarding my next steps. Not only did Lucinda’s warm, inviting energy quickly create a sense of community, but she gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.”

—Troy Hadeed

It Takes A Village™ On Demand

For those unable to attend our marketing workshop live, we’re pleased to offer “It Takes A Village” on demand! At $99, this is one of our most affordable offerings, which includes the full 90 minute video recording led by Lucinda Halpern and featuring Wall Street Journal bestselling author Cait Flanders or international bestselling author Chris Bailey, and a companion Marketing Playbook guide.

$99 for the complete course. Ideal for fiction and nonfiction writers.

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“Lucinda’s courses are an invaluable resource for authors facing the daunting task of getting their book to market. [Her programs] were well-organized, crammed with important information and absolutely worth the fee. Lucinda Halpern is highly experienced, giving and perceptive — in short, she’s the real deal!”
—Peter Melnick

“I found this workshop so valuable that I’m signing up for the rest of them!”

“I found the Lucinda Literary ‘It Takes A Village’ Marketing Workshop highly useful. I pride myself on my business and marketing knowledge but when it comes to the literary world, I know very little. As a new author, I love approaching this unfamiliar arena with a beginner’s mind but need much guidance and insights. The workshop offered welcomed sage advice and many other takeaways.”

—Shirin Etessam

Book Proposal Boot Camp™ On DemandFeaturing Hay House!

Ideal for those about to write or preparing to submit their book proposals to agents and publishers, this workshop will walk writers through every section of the proposal, with strategies for hitting all of the right chords. Lucinda will teach writers the insider tips on what publishers are looking for in nonfiction, now and always. Plus, special guest Patty Gift, VP of Editorial at Hay House shares her top strategies for crafting a knockout proposal that will land a book deal.

This package includes the full 90 minute video recording, along with Lucinda Literary’s official Book Proposal Template, which our agents use to sell books to publishers.

$147 for the complete course. Ideal for nonfiction writers.

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Letter Better On DemandNow Available!

Getting an agent today requires a brilliant book idea, sharp writing, and a solid platform, all of which need to be present in the query letter pitching your concept. In our most popular series, writers will have the opportunity to learn the art of creating a successful query letter, capture an agent’s attention, and finally craft a query destined to break out of the slush pile.

$47 for the complete course. Ideal for nonfiction and fiction writers.

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“The tips and feedback I received from Ms. Halpern’s workshop have helped me improve not only my query letter, but my novel as a whole. If you’re serious about getting an agent, you don’t want to miss this.”
—Rachel Waxman

“While it’s obvious Ms. Halpern has been a bridge carrying both novice and established writers to higher levels of success for years, what impressed me the most about her workshop was her humble approach and personalized feedback that better clarified my novel’s genre and made my query letter more compelling to readers.”
—Pamela Mshana

“This was a very helpful workshop, and I truly appreciated the follow-up consultation. I “unlearned” several bad strategies I’d been taught in the past.”
—Aliina Hopkins

“This workshop was absolutely wonderful! I am deeply grateful to have face to face time with an experienced literary agent who gave me excellent pointers on how to get my book noticed with a query letter! Lucinda is personable, approachable, supportive of writers, intuitive, generous with her knowledge and gave excellent feedback! Best money spent on a workshop in a long time!”

 “If you’re a writer and looking for representation for your book, I would run to take Lucinda’s Letter Better Workshop. Not only will you learn the steps to keep your query letter out of the slush pile, but you will also get her personalized feedback to help your letter shine and grab the attention of an agent! Lucinda is highly experienced, warm, kind, supportive, smart as a whip and generous of heart; a true ally to any artist!”

—Chausey Leebron

Contracts 101 Masterclass On DemandNow Available!

You’re on the verge of getting a book deal. Or, you’re simply curious about what rights you’re entitled to as an author—and what practices you should watch out for during contract negotiation, especially if you’ll be navigating the process on your own.

In our Contracts 101 Masterclass for Writers, veteran contract negotiator Deirdre Smerillo will bring her 35 years of publishing experience at Random House, Hyperion, and now president of Smerillo Associates to walk writers of all stages through the basics of book and film contracts. Leaving this session, you’ll know what to expect, what to watch for, and—most importantly—how to protect your intellectual property.

She’ll be joined in a brief discussion about negotiating contracts with Lucinda Halpern, agent, and president of Lucinda Literary. This package contains the full 90 minute recording, along with exclusive resource packets to cement everything you’ve learned.

$99 for the complete course. Ideal for fiction and nonfiction writers.

“I had the feeling I was getting the “best of the best”. Little things like giving the agent a desire to continue the conversation. It was like taking a woodworking class where we learn to make tongue and groove and use the best sandpaper.”


“I have been very pleased by my experience. Lucinda and her team have been very courteous, helpful, positive and encouraging…exceeded my expectation!”
—Pamela Mshana

Write A Memoir That SellsNow Available!

You’ve got a story to tell—one that’s unique and personal to you that’s now getting ready to be shared with a wide readership.

In this course, join Lucinda and other participating writers to learn the top techniques to create a package that will sell your memoir to agents and publishers. You’ll receive valuable resources and insider tips about pitching your work, shaping your proposal, and marketing your masterpiece, as well as the latest scoop on what publishers look for in the genre now and always.

Don’t miss out on this program featuring special guest Michelle Dowd, author of Forager (forthcoming with Algonquin), professor, journalist, and New York Times contributor.

$99 for the complete course. Ideal for nonfiction memoir writers.

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“I really appreciate [Lucinda] putting these programs together and sharing [her] expertise. It shows a real love for and commitment to writers and that is rad.”

—Jamie Coakley

“I wish this information was available when I first started writing because I learned so much.”

—Alison Laverty


Fiction Writing Workshop On DemandNow Available!

It’s one thing to write a novel. It’s quite another to write one that keeps readers up all night flipping pages. Lucinda Halpern hosts our Fiction Writing Workshop alongside special guest Nicola WheirNew York Times multi-bestselling author of The Nanny Diaries and founder of The Finished Thought, to teach writers the mechanics behind making a work of fiction a true page-turner. In addition, Nicola shares her experiences within both the publishing realm and Hollywood, as well as how she founded a second career in coaching writers.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive conversation and opportunity to learn the top fiction writing tips from two industry experts.

$99 for the complete course. Ideal for fiction writers.

“I recently attended the Fiction Writing Workshop with Lucinda Literary. The workshop information was very valuable and I greatly appreciated the personalized feedback I received on my own piece.  Connor and Lucinda were excellent at facilitating and answering our group’s many questions. As an emerging writer who is still in the early phases of my career, I recommend Lucinda Literary’s workshops and one-on-one meetings to help take the mystery out of getting an agent’s attention and maximizing your chances for success.”

—Kristy Jackson

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Disclaimer: All our programs are intended to help further the work of any fiction or nonfiction author. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal.

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