Get guidance from literary agents and publishing insiders through Lucinda Literary’s exclusive online courses.


You have a dream to publish a book. Now’s the time to realize it.

At Lucinda Literary, we offer a variety of evergreen online courses, live workshops, and private consultations with the aim of helping aspiring authors break into the exclusive world of publishing.

Private Consultations

Lucinda Literary offers live one-to-one 45 minute sessions with our team of expert literary agents.

Our virtual consultations are offered by select agents of our team and held at any time convenient to your schedule. Ideal for writers of all genres, at any stage of the process.

Courses on Demand

Lucinda Literary’s courses cover a variety of publishing topics for writers of any genre.

Lucinda Literary now offers a number of on-demand courses for writers at any stage of the process, which can be viewed online when you want, where you want, permanently.

Live Workshops

Lucinda Literary offers live classes for writers at any stage of the process.

Spend quality time with a literary agent and a small group of writers, along with guest appearing publishers, bestselling authors, and other industry experts!