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Dr. Risa Ryger, PhD.

Author of Unsupported (Alcove Press)

Dr. Risa Ryger is a Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, Entrepreneur, and the Creator of Disruptive Self-OwnershipTM. She holds a Master in Science, Master of Philosophy, and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. She has served on faculty at New York Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital, as well as the advisory council of Mindfulness Without Borders.

As an Expert in Change, she is committed to helping people create positive change in their lives; she knows that positive change can happen at any point through the power of disruption. Dr. Risa incorporates neuroscience to facilitate positive change for her clients and in her work with corporations and leadership teams including Microsoft and Mastercard.

Her mission is to empower women to step into themselves, without stepping out of their lives. Developed over 30 years of clinical and coaching experience, The Disruptive Self-Ownership Process is the path to your personal and professional success, unlocking your rock-solid self- confidence and trust by becoming self-owned.

She is the proud mother of two amazing daughters and lives in New York with her husband and two dogs.

Her book is UNSUPPORTED at Alcove Press (2025)