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What Our Authors Say

“Never mind my books, I’d trust Lucinda, and the entire team at Lucinda Literary, with my life. Lucinda is the most resourceful person I’ve ever worked with—and she’s given me open, honest, and valuable feedback through each stage of the publishing process.”
—Chris Bailey, The Productivity Project, Hyperfocus, Finding Calm

“I under-appreciated the power of a book by 10x.” -Dan Martell, Buy Back Your Time: Get  Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom,  and Build Your Empire

“Lucinda is an exceptionally gifted agent. She’s given me invaluable insight both as an agent and author and has been extremely generous with her feedback, guiding me every step of the way. She took this first-time author expertly through an incredibly exciting auction process, landing me deals with major publishing houses. I will forever be indebted to Lucinda.”

—Michelle Bang, Sun & Ssukgat

“I couldn’t have made it without my agent, Lucinda Halpern, who managed to wrangle a hard-charging Marine twice her size and convince him that she knew best (she did). Or without Connor Eck, her right-hand man, who could delicately tell me when my writing was terrible without stoking my ire.”
—Jake Wood, Once A Warrior

Jake Wood

I’m proud to say after implementing the advice of the [programs] and Lucinda, I did indeed get signed with an agent and landed a book deal with a major publishing house! I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to successfully navigate the publishing process. Lucinda is the best.”
– Dr. Mary Anderson, Author of The Happy High Achiever

“This book would not have happened had I not met Lucinda Halpern. Lucinda is an exceptional literary agent with an impeccable radar for big ideas. She helped me rummage through a mountain of possibilities, spotted the gems, and constructed a plan for showcasing them in a compelling way. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Lucinda, you should pounce. She is preposterously good at her job. Thank you, Lucinda.”
—Ron Friedman, Decoding Greatness

Ron Friedman

“Lucinda: Your enthusiasm has always kept me going, and I wouldn’t be doing any of this without you. But what I’m most grateful for is how our friendship has grown in the time we’ve been working on this project.”
—Cait Flanders, The Year of Less, Adventures in Opting Out

Cait Flanders

“Because of all the work [Lucinda] did helping us get the proposal in shape, we barely received ANY edits from our publisher when we submitted the chapters.”
—Michael Solomon & Rishon Blumberg, Game Changer

Michael SolomonRishon Blumberg

“Thank you… to Connor Eck, for believing in my story, even in its roughest drafts, and for guiding me through it when I couldn’t find my way alone.”
—Emily Dalton, Be Straight With Me

Emily Dalton

“To Connor Eck, agent and friend, who taught me many more than three ways to be brave.”
—Karla Clark, You Be Mommy, You Be Daddy, Three Ways To Be Brave

Karla Clark

“Lucinda is a true professional. She knows the in’s and out’s of the writing industry, and I’ve felt cared for in our collaboration. After working together to hone a proposal, she landed me a dream book deal with Penguin. Let her help you ‘get signed’ so you can share your ideas with the world.”
—Liam McClintock, Fitmind

“I couldn’t be more grateful to the travelers who have joined along this road, starting with my agent, Lucinda Halpern. When the vision is young and fragile, when the time has been short to bring what’s only in your mind into the world beyond, it is rare that someone can understand what you see simply by seeing you.  That is what Lucinda did in 2020 with Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, and that is what she continues to do with each project that I excitedly share…Thank you also to the Lucinda Literary team who support me in so many ways.  You are all appreciated.”
—Jayne Allen, Black Girls Must Die Exhausted

“Your title should be literary angel.”
—Olga Mecking, Niksen

“[Getting a book deal] was fast, and I really attribute that to your great contacts. You were able to get the book in front of the right people.”

—Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene, Built Differently

I’m a clinical psychologist, but I think Lucinda has really managed my anxiety throughout this process, especially the pitching. It’s been fascinating, and I’ve learned so much.”

—Jonathan Stea, Good Science

“Lucinda’s contacts are like a list from heaven in terms of who she knows in the publishing world.”

—Manisha Thakor, MoneyZen