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Our Editorial Internship position is currently closed. If you’d like to be considered for the internship in the future, please see the guidelines below.

Lucinda Literary’s Editorial and Online Marketing Internship offers high-energy, self-motivated, creative, do-it-all interns the opportunity to gain experience in tasks such as:

  • Reading and evaluation of prospective client material
  • Gathering information on industry trends and comparative books research
  • Learning and assisting with social media and marketing efforts using tools such as Excel, Asana, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics
  • Drafting, designing, and editing our newsletters and blog posts
  • Assisting with the book launch of Get Signed, written by company founder

This role is ideal for graduate students in the Arts, Marketing, or Communications fields or those in relevant undergraduate university programs seeking an “in” to publishing, an apprenticeship, or course credit in the representation and marketing areas of book publishing. Interns will benefit from frequent, direct interface with members of the company and gain a diversity of experience transferable to any later career in publishing or online marketing.

This internship is held remotely under a flexible weekday schedule, alongside additional reading time when possible. We can accommodate existing school or part-time work requirements and course credit is available. At the end of the program, interns will be eligible to receive our review and feedback on the intern’s final cover letter and resume as well as mentorship/connections in the industry.


Students with excellent research, writing, communication, and organizational skills. Previous office experience is preferred, but not required.

To Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]marking “Internship” along with a short description of any relevant education or experience in your subject line. We will contact you for an interview upon considering your application.

Lucinda Literary is the ideal place for anyone who’s serious about the publishing industry. 

Thanks to the Lucinda Literary team and their generous, genuine guidance, my knowledge of the publishing industry has grown exponentially, and I’ve gained a true sense of the ins’ and outs’ of agenting from creating submission lists, to evaluating query letters, to line editing proposals. 

You’re also going to get more tools in your publishing toolkit than you ever thought you would. Besides editorial responsibilities and crafting copy, I had the privilege of assisting Lucinda with the launch of her book, GET SIGNED, which has been a masterclass in literary marketing and publicity. 

I feel more assured than ever about a career in publishing.

—Viviana Freyer

When I decided to switch careers, I was fortunate enough to complete my first publishing internship with Lucinda Literary. I was treated to a bird’s eye view of the publishing world but also given the hands-on experiences that gave me the confidence to know that yes—this was what I wanted to do and that I could have a future in it. From reading queries, drafting submission letters, and editing proposals and manuscripts, I was treated like an integral part of the team and always felt like my contributions were valued.

I was able to leverage my experience at Lucinda Literary to land another internship and a first job at Penguin Young Readers. I’m now a children’s book editor and I still feel so grateful for my internship at Lucinda Literary. It was an integral stepping stone to my current career and I cannot recommend the mentorship of Lucinda and her team enough.

—Caitlin Tutterow

Even when joining as an Editorial and Marketing Intern remotely, I could tell that everyone at Lucinda Literary is undoubtedly kind and warm-hearted, but most importantly, passionate about their clients and work. Lucinda and everyone at the agency were more than happy to allow me to shadow on projects and take absolute initiative on tasks. I loved the collaboration that went on between team members, but I still had the ability to spearhead my own mini-projects.

My time at Lucinda Literary trained and bettered my administrative skills, and I am now confident in utilizing social media platforms and applications to boost user engagement. I truly enjoyed being able to express my creative self when asked to draw up original content and graphics for the Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn pages, and more. Every day, I had the ability to learn something new about the publishing industry, the agenting process, and the delight that is in scouting new talent. This opportunity truly allowed me to envision myself pursuing a future full-time career in publishing, and I cannot thank Lucinda and her team enough for trusting me.

—Ingrid Xu

The editorial and marketing internship at Lucinda Literary is one-of-a-kind. I’ve had many other internships, including other internships in the publishing industry, and I can say without a doubt that this one is more than just an internship. Many offer learning opportunities, and this is no exception, but more importantly, I was trusted here. I was not only able but encouraged to take initiative in my role, including taking on responsibilities such as scouting potential clients, running our social media accounts, managing agents’ slush piles, writing submission letters, and a whole host of other high-level tasks that other internships don’t allow.

The Lucinda Literary team is so helpful and willing to answer my questions and collaborate on projects. Lucinda is so personable and available despite her incredibly busy schedule. She always responds to my questions (even small ones) and helps me with my projects when needed. I love her hands-on approach to the agency and I always felt like my opinions mattered. 

This internship has cemented my love for book publishing, and I hope to continue my career in this industry. I will no doubt look back with gratitude on this experience and the opportunities that it has afforded me. 

—Grace Garrahan 

“Everyone at Lucinda Literary is welcoming, kind, supportive, and dedicated to creating a fruitful learning environment for their interns. My time here introduced me to the agency side of publishing while honing my writing skills, multitasking abilities, editorial eye, and understanding of the market as a whole. A truly unique aspect of this internship is how much the team values your ideas. I was encouraged to scout potential clients, give my own feedback on new and ongoing projects, strategize how to improve social media engagement, and more. The work was deeply collaborative and always interesting, allowing me to work directly with Lucinda herself and all of the agents.

This internship was an extraordinary opportunity to not only surround myself with such reputable names in the industry, but to also develop close relationships with them as my colleagues. I have immense gratitude for Lucinda and everyone at the agency for their mentorship and genuine eagerness to teach and advise me. Every time I worked with them, I was reminded why I love publishing.”

—Ashleigh Lackey

“Before working at Lucinda Literary, I had only a vague idea of what my post-grad working life would look like. I’m eternally grateful to this agency for introducing me to publishing; it has provided me with a direction that is clear and thrilling. I’ve found the work to be incredibly fun and rewarding, and I was eager to dive into my tasks every day. Not only have I honed my abilities to edit and create content, but I’ve become a more technically valuable and well-rounded employee: I’m now well-versed in WordPress, Mailchimp, and QueryManager, and my note-taking and scheduling responsibilities have greatly improved my administrative prowess.

My most cherished aspect of all of these projects is the fact that I’m working closely with professionals who are quite intimidating on paper but could not be more welcoming and eager to teach. I’m so grateful to this internship, Lucinda, and the other agents because they have shown me how excited I should be about my possible future in publishing, and they’ve given me the skills that allow me to be confident in this dream.”

—Claire Callahan

“I came into this internship knowing absolutely nothing about publishing. I was in my final year of university, finishing up my political science major while simultaneously realizing I did not want to work in the political science field. Upon consulting with friends and family, I realized that my true passion was, and always has been, books. Working with authors, reading future bestsellers… this was the field I wanted to go into. After some research, I came across Lucinda Literary’s summer internship. These past seven months, I’ve learned more about publishing and the ins and outs of the literary field than I could have ever imagined. I spend my day reading and evaluating manuscripts, giving queries a first look on behalf of agents, and working hand in hand with the incomparable Julia Collucci, Lucinda Literary’s Executive Assistant. On the technical side, I am now well-versed in MailChimp and Word Press and can handle website and newsletter updates with ease. 

I am so grateful to Lucinda Halpern for being such an empowering, honest, and kind mentor. I can’t thank Julia Collucci enough for being such a wonderful role model. It was because of these women, and everyone at Lucinda Literary, that I was able to secure an offer from the prestigious Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University. I look forward to spending my summer knee-deep in books, continuing to learn all things publishing.”

—Arianna Siddiqui