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Mary Barbera

Author of Turn Autism Around (Hay House)

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Dr. Mary Barbera “fell” into the autism world in 1999 when her first-born son, Lucas, was diagnosed with autism. Over the past 2 decades, Mary transformed from a confused and overwhelmed parent to a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and best-selling author of The Verbal Behavior Approach: How to Teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders published in 2007. She launched her first online course in early 2015 and later built a membership program to help both parents and autism professionals. Her latest book, Turn Autism Around, was published with Hay House in March 2021 and focuses on helping parents turn things around for young kids with signs of autism.


Praise for Turn Autism Around

Hay House, March 30, 2021

“If your child has no words, few words, or is showing any kind of delays, Mary’s book will help, while also providing step-by-step instructions for potty training, feeding, tantrums, and more.”

—Temple Grandin, Ph.D., author of The Way I See It

“It’s been amazing to watch Mary’s mission to turn autism around for millions. This book will be life-changing for many children and families around the world.”

—Jeff Walker, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Launch