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Michelle Bang

Michelle Bang Headshot

Author of Sun & Ssukgat (forthcoming with Harper Design NA, Hachette UK, Luebbe Germany, and Grupo Planeta Spain)

Eco-Entrepreneur and Board Director

Michelle Bang is an award-winning eco-entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate who spent 16 years living in Asia as a Korean-American from New York City. She is the author of Sun & Ssukgat, a wellness guide covering her research, interviews, and personal eco-conscious journey in uncovering centuries-old well-being traditions from her time in Asia and Korea, where scientists project its people will top longevity charts in 2030. Michelle is the Co-Founder and Founding CEO of The R Collective (formerly BYT), a sustainable fashion brand that creates affordable luxury pieces out of high-end materials that would otherwise have been disposed of in a landfill. She is passionate about driving social impact and serves as a board director and founding member of various mission-driven organizations.

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