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Recent Deal: MoneyZen by Manisha Thakor

Harvard MBA graduate, consultant, and podcaster Manisha Thakor‘s MONEYZEN: FREE YOURSELF FROM THE CULT OF MONEY takes a joy-based-spending approach to help people achieve “MoneyZen”. Inspired by the author’s own experiences, Manisha shares her personal story and the lessons she’s learned—offering insight on how to achieve what she calls true “wellth”.

MONEYZEN teaches readers how to spot the signs that they are (unknowingly) in the cult of money before it’s too late; a new understanding of “financial minimalism” that actually gets you more of what you want; the principle of “joy-based spending,” which redefines our concept of budgeting; and so much more.

MONEYZEN was sold to Wendy Wong at Harper Business, at auction, by Lucinda Halpern at Lucinda Literary.

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