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Your First Published Book Matters

Whether you’re traditionally published, independently published, or self-published, becoming an author is an important accomplishment and title, and we commend those who have done this hard work. You’ve completed a book, and you’ve ushered it into the world.

In measuring your success, you’re now likely focused on book sales—or maybe you aren’t focused enough! Regardless, we’re here to assure you that book sales are just one piece of the puzzle. Perhaps your book has landed you a speaking gig… or even a speaking career. It’s offered you media opportunities or brought you a following on social media. You may have changed one person’s thinking, or another person’s life.

Here are a few other ways authors, agents, and publishers are evaluating their books’ success:

  • Features. A book is a doorway to hearing “yes” more often. You can now place articles with reputable publications and score guest spots on podcasts. You’ve garnered the credibility needed to be seen and sought as a thought leader.
  • Products. A book is a selling tool, so use yours as leverage to market your business. For instance, try bundling a free copy with the service or product you offer.
  • Reviews. Contrary to wishful thinking, a book doesn’t sell itself! Continue encouraging your audience to submit reviews via Amazon or Goodreads, long after your book has been published. Multiple positive reviews will naturally bring more readers to your book and customers to your business.

The success of your first book matters. How you measure that success—and proactively create it—matters even more. If you’ve subscribed to this newsletter, you probably have more than one book in you. Publishers will look to the sales of your first book when evaluating your second. So, if those sales aren’t what you dreamed of them being, have the above prepared as evidence of your first book’s success.

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