Lucinda Literary represents a broad range of keynote speakers covering topics such as diversity, resilience, and well-being at work. To learn more or to request availability for your upcoming event, please click on any speaker below.

  • Chris Bailey

    Productivity Expert & Consultant, International Bestselling Author of The Productivity Project (Crown), Hyperfocus (Viking), and Finding Calm (forthcoming with Viking)

  • Mary Barbera

    Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Author of Turn Autism Around (forthcoming with Hay House)

  • Rishon Blumberg
    Rishon Blumberg

    Co-Founder of 10X Management, Co-Author of Game Changer (forthcoming with HarperCollins Leadership)

  • Geoffrey Cain

    Foreign correspondent, Commentator, Anthropologist, Author of Samsung Rising

  • Lee Hartley Carter
    Lee Hartley Carter

    Language Strategist, President of maslansky + partners, Author of Persuasion (TarcherPerigee)

  • Brad Chase

    Strategy, Leadership and Marketing Advisor, Speaker, Author of Strategy First

  • Elizabeth Currid-Halkett
    Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

    Urban & Regional Planning Chair at the University of Southern California, Author of The Sum of Small Things (Princeton University Press)

  • Cait Flanders
    Cait Flanders

    The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Year of Less (Hay House) and Adventures in Opting Out (forthcoming with Little, Brown Spark)

  • Ginny Gilder
    Ginny Gilder

    Olympic Silver-Medalist, Owner of WNBA’s Seattle Storm, Author of Course Correction (Beacon Press)

  • Tonya Harris

    Environmental Toxin Expert, Children’s Mental Health Advocate, Author of The Slightly Greener Method (forthcoming with Sourcebooks)

  • Rebecca Heiss
    Rebecca Heiss

    Evolutionary Biologist, Stress Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author of Instinct (forthcoming with Kensington)

  • Peter Heller
    Peter Heller

    New York Times Bestselling Author of The Dog Stars, Celine, The Painter, and The River (Knopf), Journalist, NPR Contributor

  • Tanja Hester
    Tanja Hester

    Financial Independence/Early Retirement Expert, Author of Work Optional (Hachette) and Spend Like You Give A $h*t (forthcoming with BenBella Books)

  • Nicola Kraus
    Nicola Kraus

    The New York Times Bestselling Author of The Nanny Diaries (St. Martin’s), Founder of The Finished Thought

  • Tracy McCubbin
    Tracy McCubbin

    Decluttering Expert, Author of Making Space, Clutter Free (Sourcebooks)

  • Susan McPherson

    Serial Connector, Angel Investor, and Corporate Responsibility Expert, Author of The Lost Art of Connecting (forthcoming with McGraw-Hill)

  • Michael Scott Moore
    Michael Scott Moore

    Former Captive of Somali Pirates, Award-Winning Journalist International Bestselling Author of The Desert and the Sea (HarperCollins)

  • Rajeev Peshawaria
    Rajeev Peshawaria

    Former Chief Learning Officer of Coca-Cola & Morgan Stanley, the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Open Source Leadership (McGraw Hill), CEO of The Iclif Leadership and Governance Centre

  • Bill Rempel
    Bill Rempel

    National Bestselling Author of The Gambler (HarperCollins), Investigative Journalist, Story Consultant for Netflix’s “Narcos

  • Ann Shoket
    Ann Shoket

    Next Generation Expert, Former Editor in Chief of Seventeen, Keynote Speaker, Author of The Big Life (Rodale)

  • Michael Solomon
    Michael Solomon

    Co-Founder of 10X Management, Co-Author of Game Changer (forthcoming with HarperCollins Leadership)

  • Michele Sullivan
    Michele Sullivan

    Former President of Caterpillar Foundation, A Top 50 Most Powerful Woman in U.S. Philanthropy, Author of Looking Up (HarperCollins Leadership)

  • Susan Peirce Thompson
    Susan Peirce Thompson

    Neuroscientist, New York Times Bestselling Author of Bright Line Eating (Hay House), Founder & CEO of Bright Line Eating

  • Sam Wasson
    Sam Wasson

    Biographer, Film Historian, the New York Times bestselling author of 5th Avenue, 5AM (HarperCollins) and Fosse (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – now an FX limited series)

  • David Weitzner

    Professor of Management, Ethicist, Author of Connected Capitalism (forthcoming with University of Toronto Press)

  • Jake Wood
    Jake Wood

    Former Marine Sniper, Pat Tillman ESPY Award Winner, CEO of Team Rubicon, Author of Once a Warrior (forthcoming with Sentinel)

  • Randi Zinn
    Randi Zinn

    Mindfulness & Wellness Expert, Founder of Beyond Mom, Author of Going Beyond Mom (Skyhorse)