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Tim Fischer

Author of Under The Blanket Sky (Penguin Random House)

Author and Illustrator 

Tim Fischer is a self-taught author and illustrator based in Upstate New York. After receiving a degree in engineering science, he worked for a number of years as a land surveyor and technical draftsman in both New York and Chicago. The mathematical standards of his work would then inform his private work as a portrait, still life, and landscape artist, where he further cultivated a skill for crafting accurate depth and detail in his drawings and illustrations. With an increasing interest in storytelling, Tim has found a new path in picture book writing and illustration. His books invite the reader into vivid, richly detailed worlds filled with characters who serve as humble ambassadors to the simple insights that give our lives meaning and the shared experiences that shape our memories along the way. Under the Blanket Sky was published by Penguin Random House in 2023.

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Tim Fischer Book Cover

Under the Blanket Sky

Doubleday, May 30, 2023