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Bill Rempel

Bill Rempel

National Bestselling Author of The Gambler (HarperCollins)

Investigative Journalist, Story Consultant for Netflix’s Narcos

William Rempel is an investigative journalist and author, whose 36-year career at the Los Angeles Times produced groundbreaking reports on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda before 9/11 and extensive coverage of supertanker safety flaws years before the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. He co-authored exclusive reports detailing secret U.S. arms deals with Iran, tracking tons of explosives smuggled to terrorist camps in Libya, and documenting sales and leases of Ukrainian cargo planes to Colombian drug lords. Bill is the recipient of an Overseas Press Club Award, a Gerald Loeb Award, and has most recently served as a consultant for the Netflix series “Narcos”. His latest book is The Gambler: How Penniless Dropout Kirk Kerkorian Became the Greatest Deal Maker in Capitalist History (HarperCollins)


The Gambler

Praise for The Gambler

A National Bestseller

“Offers an entertaining look at Kerkorian’s outsize life… an interesting portrait of a billionaire.”

Wall Street Journal