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Daphne E. Jones

Author of Win When They Say You Won’t (McGraw Hill)

Former C-Suite Executive, Corporate Board Member, Keynote Speaker

Daphne E. Jones is an accomplished and seasoned C-Suite executive with extensive experience using business, digital, cyber, and analytics technologies to accelerate change, market success, and digital transformation at some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies. She has over thirty years of experience in general management and executive level roles at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira (now Pfizer) and General Electric, and has broken glass and concrete ceilings serving in positions such as Corporate Officer, VP, Chief Information Officer (CIO) and SVP IT. She was the first woman and person of color to report to the Chairman of the $5B company where she served as SVP, and served as the highest-ranking AA woman in IT at General Electric. Daphne currently serves on the board of directors for AMN Healthcare, Inc., Barnes Group Inc., and Masonite International Corp. She is a highly sought after speaker around various topics including leadership, digital transformation, social injustice/race, and women-centric topics. Her book, Win When They Say You Won’t: Break Through Barriers and Keep Leveling Up You Success, was published with McGraw-Hill in November 2022.

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Keynote Lecture Topics

  • Using Crisis as Catalyst to Re-imagine & Transform

    While companies or leaders may opt to keep their respective heads down In the middle of a crisis, hoping it will blow over, McKinsey studies have shown that those who Innovate during a crisis will be ahead of the pack when “normal” returns or even when it doesn’t. Using her 4 step approach, Daphne shares with others how they can use any crisis to their advantage and lead In their markets on the other side of any crisis.

  • The Future Isn’t What it Used to Be

    The ability to be nimble, agile, and “see around corners” is critical for continuous innovation and sustained market leadership. As a retired senior executive leader at 3 Fortune 50 companies, and current board member for 3 corporations, Daphne talks to leaders and companies alike to help them learn about future-proofing, and how to drive resilience—not only in their organizations, but also in themselves.

  • Winning When Others Say You Won’t

    How can you successfully and continuously improve like products, apps, and services do? Daphne discusses how leaders can look at themselves differently through the lens of their own “marketplace”, and help them learn how to iterate and transform in their own development, resulting in personal transformation and continuous success.

  • From Poverty to Prosperity

    Join Daphne as she takes us through her journey as a young Jamaican-American growing up in a small black impoverished town to her rise as a senior executive, corporate office, and independent board member for multi billion dollar companies. How did she aspire? What issues did she encounter? What did she learn? How did she reach prosperity? Find out, and learn how Daphne discovered that poverty and prosperity have nothing to do with money and how prosperity can be in your future.

  • Women in Corporate America: Conform or Transform

    Women have had the age old challenge of how to win while working alongside men. Should they be their authentic selves? Should they assimilate and try to be more like men? Explore the journey and rise of women in
    the workplace, and how their presence drives not only corporate transformation but also their own.

  • Proceed with Courage – Digital Transformation Isn’t For the Faint at Heart

    Covid-19 has ushered in the exponential acceleration of many trends that were previously moving at an incremental rate. Nearly all industries have seen the impact of shut downs, marketplace fear, and consumer uncertainty, and have had to quickly re-imagine their brand—doing in 2 months that was planned to be done over 2 years. Learn how to boldly forge a digital path forward in your business.


Red cover of Win When They Say You Won't with gold, white, and black lettering

Win When They Say You Won’t: Break Through Barriers and Keep Leveling Up Your Success

McGraw-Hill, November 15, 2022