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Kristen Witte

Author of The Children’s Illustrated Book of Tarot (Macmillan)

Kristen Witte is a former elementary school teacher and current Tarot enthusiast. Since double-majoring in English and Psychology at Bucknell University and then joining the Teach for America program, Kristen has long been interested in the marriage of literature and self-reflection. Always on the lookout for social-emotional learning tools for both herself and her students, she stumbled upon a deck of Tarot cards and hasn’t looked back. Kristen began her practice under the guidance of professional reader Kate Van Horn, author of the forthcoming The Inner Tarot (Sounds True, 2024), and was immediately inspired by how the didactic and approachable nature of Tarot could be used to help children navigate the ups and downs of life. She believes the tool can help create an ongoing discourse between children and their caretakers about mental health, processing emotions, and approaching each day as a learning opportunity.

Kristen leads community relations for tech companies by day, and lives in Austin with her cat and dog.