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Lindsay Jill Roth

Lindsay Jill Roth

Author of What Pretty Girls Are Made Of (Simon & Schuster)


Lindsay Jill Roth is an author and television producer who has worked on shows such as Larry King Now and Emmy nominated Haylie Duff’s Real Girl’s Kitchen. Before making her way into television she took a leap of faith when offered a position in the cosmetics industry under a leading cosmetics CEO. What Pretty Girls Are Made Of (Simon & Schuster; 2015) is Roth’s hilarious debut novel in the vein of The Devil Wears Prada set in the high-drama, estrogen-infused world of cosmetics.


What Pretty Girls Are Made Of

Praise for What Pretty Girls Are Made Of

Simon & Schuster, August 3, 2015

“Smart, real, and relatable, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is a book for the times. It takes you on an adventure that will not only entertain you, but leave you feeling more connected to the personal experiences that have shaped your career and your life.”

—Natalie MacNeil, Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur & Creator of