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Shawn DuBravac

New York Times Bestselling Author of Digital Destiny (Regnery Publishing)

Trendcaster, Author, Keynote Speaker, and Commentator

Acclaimed global futurist and trendcaster Dr. Shawn G. DuBravac, Ph.D., CFA, is author of the New York Times bestseller Digital Destiny: How the New Age of Data Will Transform the Way We Work, Live, and Communicate, which explores how the world’s mass adoption of digital technologies portends the beginning of a new era for humanity in the realms of business, healthcare, finance, transportation and culture.

DuBravac delivers pragmatic and provocative insights on the trends, technologies and paradigms transforming business and society along with actionable strategies organizations in every industry can apply.

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Keynote Lecture Topics

  • Micro Trends Creating Colossal Change in Your Industry

    A profusion of technological changes on the horizon are poised to forever change the way we work, live and communicate. Voice computing is ushering in a new user interface and changing the way we compute. Virtual reality and augmented reality are altering the way we interact and blurring the lines between our physical and digital worlds. New use-cases for drones, 3D-printers and wearables are arising daily. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and the blockchain are fundamentally changing business processes. Increasing swaths of our lives are connected but cybersecurity and privacy concerns are just some of the challenges as we usher a new world filled with technological innovations.

    You’ll learn:

    • Which micro trends are set to make big changes to your specific industry and how they will impact your business
    • How to identify micro trends that will impact your organization
    • How everyone in the organization should prepare for coming changes 
    • How to succeed by thinking differently 
  • Building a Culture of Innovation

    In an era of perpetual change, it isn’t enough to adopt cutting edge applications. To thrive in a digitized, datafied world, we must out-innovate our peers. As business becomes increasingly complex, organizations must rethink their services, value chains, and processes in order to stay competitive. Vision is only part of the process of building a transformational organization designed for the future. Innovation is predicated on action and how an organization manages innovation influences the value it can deliver. Innovation has become a top priority of the majority of organizations today. But in order for organizations to stay competitive over the long-term, they must develop a strong culture of innovation.

  • From Digitization to Datafication

    Organizations are growing data exponentially and operating in ever complex environments. Decades of digital transformation have left businesses drowning in data but starving for insights. Turning information into real-time actionable intelligence is the new definition of agility and has become a competitive necessity for all. But this requires viewing strategic assets in a new holistic paradigm rooted in data. And it requires executives understand how current technological shifts are enabling customized and personalized services and sparking new business models and new revenue streams. Business leaders can create an analytically-driven company, but only once they unleash the organization’s full ability to perform at scale in an increasingly datafied world.

  • What the Future of Work Means to the Future of You

    Artificial intelligence and robotics are challenging traditional norms of work. Employers are increasingly incorporating digital tools and in turn, redefining work and what it means to be an employee. At the intersection of technological innovation and human work, there are a myriad of complexities developing. The new breed of quantified workers will enhance productivity and opportunities for business expansion but employers have to handle mounting privacy concerns and new challenges for executives. A host of emerging technologies offer opportunities for business expansion and potential efficiencies while creating new challenges executives must tackle. Now is the time for executives to prepare for the future.


Digital Destiny

Regnery Publishing, January 12, 2015