Tonya Harris

Author of The Slightly Greener Method (Sourcebooks)

Environmental Toxin Expert, Children’s Mental Health Advocate

Tonya Harris is an award-winning toxin expert, and the founder of Slightly Greener, helping families detoxify their homes through making small changes that can have a big impact over time. In addition to Board certification and a Master’s degree in holistic nutrition, she holds several certificates in the environmental health field, and has been featured in Parents, Reader’s Digest, Bustle, Great Day Washington, Good Morning Cincinnati, Good Day Charlotte, KTLA news, and The Dr. Oz Show for her expertise in environmental toxins, holistic nutrition, and how toxins affect children. As a childhood leukemia survivor and a mother of three (including one with learning disabilities), Tonya is also the host of The Happy Child Project podcast, helping children realize that it is possible to look beyond their label or difference and realize their true strengths.

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Keynote Lecture Topics

  • Living Slightly Greener: How to Go Green One Small Step at a Time
  • How Your Home Might Be Contributing to Your Child’s Attention or Behavior Issues
  • Smashing the Stigma of Learning Disabilities: Helping Your Child Look Beyond Their Label & into Their Possibilities


The Slightly Greener Method

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