Vanessa Loder

Author of The Soul Switch (Sounds True)

Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

Vanessa Loder is an inspirational keynote speaker and sought-after expert on women’s leadership, mindfulness, stress management and sustainable success. After spending close to a decade working in finance on Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Vanessa felt that she had climbed to the top of the wrong ladder. Her personal transformation and soul awakening, subsequent research, and work have led to helping thousands of brilliant, overwhelmed women finding their way back to soul. Vanessa’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Glamour magazine, among others. On top of her TEDx talk “How To Lean In Without Burning Out,” Vanessa has empowered over 12,000 people through her online courses and guided meditations, which have been streamed globally. She received her MBA from Stanford University and her BA from Columbia University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude. She is also a certified Executive Coach, trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression Therapy and Vipassana Meditation. Vanessa currently lives in Lafayette, CA with her husband and two children, who remind her to take “mommy time-outs” when she’s about to lose her marbles.

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Keynote Lecture Topics

  • How To Lean In Without Burning Out

    Women today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all,” coupled with advances in technology that enable 24/7 connectivity, cause many women to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out.

    Recent research shows that while women are now outpacing men in educational attainment in North America, there remains a persistent gender gap with women lagging behind men in earnings. Many women, and men, are talking about the importance of “leaning in” and making choices that are both personally and professionally rewarding. And yet, women are simultaneously experiencing a backlash of exhaustion, additional stress and anxiety as they take on more responsibility inside and outside the home.

    With astonishing clarity and prescience, Vanessa discusses the ever-shifting roles of men and women in society and, more importantly, what women can do to claim their power without killing themselves in the process. Vanessa has a new solution for women who want to lean in without burning out—it’s called Sustainable Success. Loder teaches the core tenets of this radical new approach with grace and humor, leaving her audience inspired and empowered. Audience members will leave this talk with practical steps to incorporate these tools in how they lead, communicate and engage with their teams and colleagues.

  • Mindful Leadership: Cultivating Resilience Amidst Uncertainty

    The past year has been filled with unexpected and intense circumstances that have caused many employees to feel additional stress and anxiety. Even when the ground is shifting beneath you, it’s important to invest in your inner well-being. This jam-packed keynote teaches coping strategies for using challenging times wisely and how to harness any crisis for your own growth.

    Leadership and mindfulness expert Vanessa Loder combines ancient wisdom with the latest neuroscience and brain research to help participants cultivate resilience. Audience members will come away with tools they can bring to their team, family, and life—feeling inspired, empowered, and able to take action.

    This session will teach participants how to:

    • Let go of the uncontrollable.
    • Stop complaining and start taking responsibility.
    • Regain a sense of empowerment.
    • Focus on your response to any situation.
    • Nourish yourself and your needs.
    • Cultivate a more resilient mindset.
    • Handle adversity and uncertainty.
    • Let go of pressure and perfectionism.