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Group Coaching Mastermind

Small room attention to get your publishing goals on track in just 6 sessions.

Students in our coaching community have started from scratch and gone on to win book deals at auction.

You’re looking to write a book with impact—a book with the power to touch someone, or even change people’s lives.

But the truth is, without an experienced publishing guide, most writers find themselves lost in a sea of confusion, helplessness, and misinformation. Worse, they can’t get meaningful expert feedback. They come up against a brick wall, with no way to break through to the gatekeepers. And their productivity flatlines.

The current publishing model is flawed, and we want to fix it.

Meet and work with writers just like you, in a trusted and intimate environment.

In a series of six 90-minute masterminds held weekly on Zoom—part teaching, part interactive workshop—you’ll receive personalized feedback on your project, challenges, and goals—and industry knowledge you can’t get elsewhere.

Participants will stay on track with weekly assignments to complement what you’re learning in the room. And in just 6 sessions, you’ll gain the confidence, resources, network and support needed to elevate your book idea and pitch and have it market-ready for agents and publishers!

Due to the high-touch and intimate nature of these sessions, we limit our groups to 6 students each. You will be paired with other writers in similar genres, which will increase your learning exponentially.

The Sessions

Your Big Idea
Scrap your small idea, find your angle, become timeless

Your Reader
Take a deep dive into what readers crave, create your own Amazon description, ace your title

Your Authority
Show credibility, plan your future

Your Platform
Build a platform in 3 simple steps, show agents what they want to see

Your Pitch
The query letter

Your Partner
Find the right agents, ace the interview, understand your publishing rights

Additional Benefits

  • Class assignments to stay on track, with personal review and feedback.
  • Recommendations and connections to trusted publishing insiders in our network.
  • Exclusive takeaways curated for our coaching students that will save you years of effort, time and money.
  • A small community of writers test your ideas and lend feedback and accountability.

The Value

Our coaching program is $5,000. A book deal with a publisher can range anywhere from 2-7 figures. But the resulting opportunities—a larger career as an author or speaker, recognition in your field, growth for your business, television and media—will return on your investment many times over.

Your book is really just the beginning of what’s possible.

This program is for you if:

  • You are writing adult nonfiction or nonfiction for a general audience
  • You are just beginning to explore book ideas
  • You are finalizing a book proposal to send to agents
  • You have written a full proposal or manuscript
  • You are beginning to query or already in conversation with agents or publishers
  • You’re a published author re-entering the marketplace
  • Anyone who wants to get signed as soon as possible!

Student Success Stories

“Lucinda is an aspiring author’s secret weapon. By August, I was thrilled to be offered representation… and by December, I had a book deal!”

—Sara McElroy, Author of Women Who Walk


“Having already written a book, I was trying to understand the ins and outs of the publishing world and get some guidance with regards to my next steps. Lucinda gave me all the clarity I needed. She answered any questions I could dream up, grounded me, inspired me, and set me straight on my road to getting signed.”

—Troy Hadeed, Author of My Name is Love


“While it’s obvious Ms. Halpern has been a bridge carrying both novice and established writers to higher levels of success for years, what impressed me the most […] was her humble approach and personalized feedback that better clarified my novel’s genre and made my query letter more compelling to readers.”

—Pamela Mshana, Fiction Writer


“Lucinda’s teachings on how to write an effective letter got me a publishing contract within two weeks of sending out my proposal! Lucinda has a lot of energy and her passion to help you succeed is extraordinary! ”

—Lee H. Rosen, Author of The Five


“Lucinda’s contacts are like a list from heaven in terms of who she knows in the publishing world.”

—Manisha Thakor, Founder of and Author of MoneyZen


“[Lucinda’s] feedback on my letter and ideas for platform building were clear, personal, and most importantly, do-able.”

—Stephanie Kriesberg, Author of Adult Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers


“The clear guidance to find my writing community led me to Lucinda and this group… It’s a vulnerability I’ve never known and I WANT MORE. From the first session, it’s been so easy to share things that I’ve only shared with those closest to me. I believe it’s the freedom that’s necessary in the transformation of my little story into a big idea. You’ve ignited breakthrough after breakthrough and I have nothing but gratitude.”

—Colleen Ryan-Hensley


“Lucinda combines a positive attitude with constructive criticism to give authors inspiration and specific guidance. Her experience and advice is relevant for both new authors and those already published. I have renewed hope.”

—Heather Buchanan, Memoirist


“I left […] confident and very clear about what I need to do to give my manuscript the best chance with an agent.“

—Rowan Mangan, Fiction Writer


“For writers who are not New York adjacent, the opportunity to meet and learn from an established literary agent is invaluable.”


Disclaimer: This program is intended to help any nonfiction author at any stage in the publishing process. It will not guarantee an agent at this agency or elsewhere, or a book deal.