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Are You Ready to Challenge Yourself?

While this opportunity to enter this challenge is now closed, keep a close eye on this space. We’ll hold more challenges soon!At Lucinda Literary, we strive to share top-notch insights and advice from our authors, like in our new Publishing Success Spotlight Series and Secrets of Highly Successful Writers series. Today, we want to challenge you to act on what you’ve learned.

We want you to write, write, write because we believe, somewhere in the process, you’ll land on the right idea. Instead of waiting for the “ideal” time, write regularly and consistently. Those who take measures to avoid interruptions like emails, texts, and the lure of social media tend to produce more content. Our authors reaffirm this and so do studies like this one.

So, to help keep you motivated, we’re launching another series: our ONE WEEK WRITING CHALLENGE. This week, we invite you to try just one of the following new practices…

  • Wake up an hour earlier than normal and commit to writing first thing in the morning
  • Write for a full hour every day, distraction-free
  • Set a word count goal and commit to writing that amount each day

By participating in this challenge, you’ll be eligible to win a prize, such as a free 15 minute consultation with Lucinda. I’d love to see you in action, so to make sure your entry is counted, please…

1. Post a photo to social media of yourself undertaking the challenge (on any platform of your choice). For example, take a picture of you writing in the early morning or a photo of your completed journal entry after your hour-long writing session
2. Tag Lucinda Literary in your post using our social links (found below)
3. Include #LLChallenge in the text of your post
4. Complete our short follow-up survey. This will let us know your results!

Winners will be selected randomly. Only participants who complete the required steps will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

1st Prize: A 15 minute consultation with Lucinda
2nd Prize: Access to Lucinda Literary’s Private “Letter Better” Facebook community for 1 month free
3rd Prize: An exclusive, free packet of Lucinda’s best writing resources and templates

Are you ready to take the challenge? You have until Sunday, May 9th… ready, set, GO!