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Are you struggling to get an agent’s attention?

We have been hearing that many of you are at work on book proposals, but after months of this labor of love, you’re just not feeling confident that your proposal is ready for agents and publishers. You may be asking: 

  • How can I get my work noticed? 
  • What is the single most important thing that grabs an agent’s attention in my proposal?
  • Apart from the obvious, what are the more subtle things I should avoid? 

For those of you who’ve submitted your proposals to little response or rejection, you may feel unsure of your next steps, or at a complete loss.

That’s why, as we announced in our recent newsletter, Lucinda will be leading our popular Book Proposal Boot Camp, next Monday, March 7th. This workshop is designed to answer the questions you are asking yourself and provide you with the answers and the tools you need to create a book proposal that truly stands out. 

What’s more, we will also be joined by Patty Gift, VP of Editorial at HAY HOUSE. This is a HUGE opportunity for those writing in the memoir, psychology, business, and mind-body-spirit to meet with a Hay House executive and learn what it takes to breakthrough!

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In speaking about Patty, Lucinda shared this anecdote:

Patty and I first began working together in 2015, when I’d just had my first baby girl. It was quite the wild ride negotiating a book deal while hushing my baby with a bottle! But also proof that sometimes the best things come unexpectedly, and when the phone rings, you never know who’s going to call.

Patty and Hay House CEO Reid had fallen in love with Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, who I’d signed just before my maternity leave. Susan called me on leave, with apologies for interrupting, but she had lots of publishers interested in her first book. I had to strike while the iron was hot!

Since that magical conversation, I fell in love with Patty and all that Hay House could offer authors. Unconventionally, Hay House has a known brand and a huge email list; an events series, a radio station, and so much more. The marketing opportunities they bring to authors are paralleled only be their community support—Hay House has the feel of a small family, which is truly unique.

During the course of Patty’s career, she has worked with authors including Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Kris Carr, Suze Orman, and Martha Stewart…just  to name a few. We have since done many deals together, and I’m excited to converse with her so you can hear exactly what worked and why.

You’ll leave this workshop with a wealth of insider wisdom and the tools needed to let your talents shine, including sample proposals that won major deals with a variety of publishers! For those who have ever wanted to get in the room with an agent and top publisher, you can now do so from the comfort of your own home. And you’ll have the replay and materials to access permanently to guide you.

We’re expecting lots of sign-ups for this exclusive event, and we keep our workshops small, so don’t wait a minute to book your seat.