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Congratulations to the Get Signed Spotlight Winners!

The Lucinda Literary Team extends its congratulations to the 10 winners of the Get Signed Spotlight challenge! From romance, to memoir, to self-help, learn more about the winners and read their short book pitches below.

Khristee Rich 

Chronic illnesses/complications at birth are on the rise & the pattern will continue unless a holistic approach is taken 

Facebook: @thedancingcurtain | Instagram: @khristeerich 

Tony Endelman

An exploration and examination of fear; and why most people rarely find the courage to follow their heart. 

Facebook: Tony Endelman | Instagram: @tonyendelman

Dr. Deborah Vinall

Black Sheep Badass is a self-help book from a homeless teen-turned-therapist, empowering outsiders to find belonging. 

Facebook: Dr. Deborah Vinall Instagram: @traumatherapydoc | Twitter: @traumatherapydoc

Devorah Bistritzky

From Pleaser to Leader: 8 Essentials to Live Life on Your Own Terms 

Hallie M. Bertling

Vi has to confront the real Paris vs. the Paris of the movies when she learns her favorite musical wasn’t filmed there.

Substack: Instagram: @halthegal_storyart


Daniel Balmer

‘Kevin’ details my journey, playfully describing deconstructing racial biases. Revealing a blueprint for introspection. 

Tali Sarnetsky

The woman Lord Sunbury falls in love with is, in fact, the man of his dreams 

Frank Hyman

“How-To Man-Up or Die Trying”–a coming-of-age memoir–shows an unpopular, failure-prone bookworm on a hero’s journey. 

Instagram: @mushroomswithoutdying Facebook: Frank Hyman

Ashley Melo

How I changed my life while running a marathon in all 50 states over 2.5 years including rebounding after a DUI

Caroline Wampole

HOW TO BECOME A ROCK STAR IN PARIS is a memoir about music, men, my mother, and how art can lead you to a true home. 

Instagram: @wampoline



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