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Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author 

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What People Are Saying About Get Signed

“I am finishing my novel now, and Get Signed is so helpful in grounding me and shaping my writing journey. I don’t feel I am alone in this. The book so wonderfully reflects the entire philosophy of the Lucinda Literary program that spans beyond this book to courses, consultations, and advisory networks for any writing stage. For someone recognizing that their writing has evolved from a “passion project” to a vocation, this book answers how to start the journey, how to navigate it while staying true to yourself, how to make confident decisions facing the contemporary landscape of the publishing industry and peak into what Agents and publishers are looking for. Get Signed is helping me make wiser writing decisions, big or small”

—Get Signed Review

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“To me, navigating the agent query process has felt like traversing Dante’s purgatory. This book is like a bible, determining whether you’ll ascend to agent’s heaven or remain in unpublished hell. I began searching for agents approximately three months ago and have dedicated countless hours to navigating a process that feels like a blend of business, marketing, quantum physics, art, and ultimately, literature/fiction. It’s been brutal. I stumbled upon this book accidentally while exploring Lucinda’s agency as an author (I have zero affiliation). Upon ordering, it arrived promptly. The book is concise and to the point. It includes numerous exercises that I’ve mentally worked through and plan to thoroughly review during my second read. Overall, it serves as an invaluable resource to understand (1) how the publishing business operates, (2) what is expected of authors (no fluff, very straightforward), and (3) dispel some of the myths that have made the querying process so daunting. As a bonus, the book teaches you how to make a good impression and craft a solid query, plus what happens after you sign. Overall, I would give it 10+ stars if possible. I highly recommend it; even if I don’t secure an agent, I’ll forever understand why. Thanks Lucinda!”

—Get Signed Review

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About Get Signed: Find an Agent, Land a Book Deal, and Become a Published Author

A step-by-step guide from a New York literary agent that will show you how to create a winning concept, craft an irresistible pitch, and land your dream book deal.

In this practical, immediately actionable guide, Lucinda Halpern, who has represented New York Times bestsellers and brokered numerous deals with major publishers for over a decade, divulges what agents look for in authors and the shortcuts they use to get book deals but have never revealed—until now.

Lucinda has personally helped hundreds of writers and entrepreneurs launch timeless, best-selling books. But the path to literary success begins with knowing the answers to questions like:

  • How do I make my book idea marketable to agents and publishers?
  • What essential ingredients should my book pitch possess?
  • What common pitfalls and errors should I avoid?
  • How do I find a reputable agent who shares my vision?
  • What can I do if I’m getting rejected by agents and publishers?

With her unique 6-step method, Lucinda provides the tools and concrete strategies to:

  • Write a query letter that gets an agent’s attention
  • Build an effective marketing platform
  • Create a timeless bestseller

Packed with interviews from best-selling authors, leading book editors from Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Hachette, and more, Get Signed is the indispensable roadmap you need right now to get noticed and become a published author.


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