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Lucinda Literary Challenge, Day Four: Marketing

When you set out to write your book, social media probably wasn’t at the forefront of your mind—in fact, the concept of a platform may be entirely new for you—but building an online audience is a big part of modern publishing. Whether you’re a seasoned social media professional or an Instagram novice, Day 4 of the Lucinda Literary Challenge can help you better connect with your potential readers.

Your social media presence, much like your writing, should be personal. The people who like, comment, and share your posts will become your book’s audience, so it’s important to invest in them and create a community. A clear VCO—voice, content, and offering—will help you curate a personal brand that will spur engagement. 

What we call your VCO is a golden ticket for authenticity. V stands for voice, which is who you are—your tone and style. C stands for content: what you post to build community and foster engagement. O stands for offering and refers to what you alone are poised to provide. Here’s a sample VCO for someone in the productivity space:

V—Inspiring, practical, approachable
C—Daily productivity tips that are easy to integrate into your life
O—A guide to making steady progress on your goals

Together, these three words—voice, content, and offering—can work as a roadmap for marketing. So today, take a shot at outlining your VCO. (Just three phrases—it’s easy!) While taking inspiration from other successful creators can be helpful, staying true to your voice and tailoring your content around your goals is far more constructive. Don’t forget to share your VCO with us on InstagramTwitter, and/or LinkedIn in order to enter the challenge!