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Our Favorite Resources for Writers

We’re sharing a few of the best articles and tools our team has collected to guide you in your journey, as you pave your own publishing path.

Aerogramme Writer’s Studio

This Patreon funded site keeps you up to date on the latest writing prizes, writing workshops, and publication opportunities. And be sure to keep an eye out on their guest posts, such as the 10 1/2 Commandments of Writing by New York Times bestselling science fiction author, Sean Williams.

Positive Writer

Positive Writer posts encouraging articles, helpful writing prompts, and consistent advice to combat the discouragement that often comes with writing in isolation. When your ideas become muddled in self-doubt, we love turning to this heartening article.

Writer’s Digest

Offering author spotlights, poetry prompts, writing advice, and publishing insights, this site is the crown jewel amongst aspiring and established writers’ dashboards. We’re sharing a recent favorite from American author, bioethicist, and social critic Jacob Appel’s expertise on 10 ways to improve your story’s introduction.

NY Book Editors

NY Book Editors pairs you with a highly-vetted, award-winning editor who will help you through the editing process. On top of that, they have an incredible blog full of writing advice, including their step-by-step guide to writing your first novel.

Language is a Virus

This site features a diverse range of tools and information, such as writing techniques and experiments from late, famous avant-garde writers, tons of writing exercises, and a prompt generator to combat inescapable bouts of writer’s block.

Poets & Writers

Need a writing job, or seeking a community of fellow literary creatives? P&W has long been a name in the industry, and their Literary Calendar lists in-person and online events where writers can connect with each other and take part in some amazing programs.


It’s so important to get your query letter email just right, beginning with grammar, spelling, and simply effective case-making! If you’re not familiar with the Grammarly app, consider adding it to your query arsenal.


Whether you’re in charge of a literary magazine, or an aspiring writer looking to be published, Submittable is a user-friendly submission management software that makes submitting or reviewing short-stories, poems, and flash-fiction easier than ever. 

The Non-Obvious Virtual Summit on Book Marketing

If you’re looking for the scoop on all things book marketing, this brand new (free!) summit contains interviews with some of the best in the business, people we know and trust. Watch the trailer here.

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