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Available Now: Persuasion by Lee Hartley Carter

PersuasionLee Hartley Carter’s just-published debut, Persuasion: Convincing Others When Facts Don’t Seem to Matter is packed with deeply researched insights about the art and science of convincing others. And in an era fraught with disagreement over what “facts” and “truth” even mean, Persuasion couldn’t be coming at a better time. How do you change minds, when everyone seems to cling tightly to their own beliefs? If we want to move past the isolation of our silos and echo chambers, persuasion is a must. But how?

Carter is a seasoned communications expert and president of maslansky + partners, a language strategy firm that espouses the idea that “it’s not what you say, it’s what they hear.” Through absorbing real-world examples and actionable tools, Carter distills what she’s learned in twenty years of communications consulting, helping clients learn how to up their persuasion game to get the job, the client, or the sale.

Whether you want to sell a product, buy a home, or learn how to better communicate with your fixed-mindset father, Persuasion shows the way. Filled with fascinating science on how we make up—and change—our minds, Carter deftly guides and entertains us, and distills takeaways about how to hone and craft your narrative, and more importantly—get heard.