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Recent Deal: Finding Calm by Chris Bailey

FINDING CALM is a story of what happens when we pursue productivity at all costs, with a counterintuitive solution that we can, in fact, accomplish more with less. It also offers a new understanding of our neurochemical wiring.

His most personal and vulnerable work yet, in FINDING CALM, international bestselling author and productivity expert Chris Bailey sheds new light on how we find calm in our increasingly chaotic world. With pandemic news, political turmoil, and a rollercoaster economy sending shockwaves of worry through our lives, Chris guides us beyond meditation and organization apps by pinpointing the two root causes of modern anxiety. Chris has spent the better part of the last two years immersed in self-experimentation, research articles, and conversations with experts, all in pursuit of answering questions many of us are asking: Are we taking productivity too far? And how can we quell our anxiety?

FINDING CALM was sold to Rick Kot at Viking in the US, and to Craig Pyette at Penguin Random House in Canada.

Follow Chris on Instagram and Twitter. His previous two books are THE PRODUCTIVITY PROJECT and HYPERFOCUS.