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Recent Deal: Forager: Field Notes from a Wild Life by Michelle Dowd

FORAGER: FIELD NOTES FROM A WILD LIFE is a memoir based on the life of essayist and professor Michelle Dowd. Michelle’s debut showcases her life growing up on an isolated mountain in California as part of an apocalyptic cult, and how she found her way out of poverty and illness by drawing on the gifts of the wilderness.

In lyrical prose, FORAGER is structured by a series of specific representative plants with instructions on how to make use of them in the wild, then artfully transitions into narratives about survival within a community that prioritized the collective at the cost of self. This literary memoir not only highlights survival training in its fullest form, it also teaches readers—just as Michelle learned through her own unconventional experience—how the natural world can be a route to trusting ourselves. At its core, FORAGER is ultimately a pilgrimage back to our most authentic selves and our inherent interdependence with the planet.

FORAGER was sold to Betsy Gleick at Algonguin Press for World English Rights. For translation rights, contact Linda Kaplan.

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