Get guidance from literary agents and publishing insiders through Lucinda Literary’s exclusive online courses.


Lucinda Literary offers live one-to-one 45 minute sessions with our team of expert literary agents.

Our virtual consultations are offered by select agents of our team and held at any time convenient to your schedule. Ideal for writers of all genres, at any stage of the process.

This in-depth discussion with a literary agent offers writers the following benefits:

  • An assessment of your book idea
  • A diagnosis of your book pitch
  • Game-changing editorial feedback
  • Insights on what you need to capture an agent’s attention
  • Expert marketing strategies
  • Guidance on launch (or re-launching) your career as an author
  • Answers to any questions you have about book publishing
  • The opportunity to receive a personalized query letter review or customized marketing plan (at an additional cost)

View each agent’s specialized expertise and book an appointment with an available agent below.

Lucinda Halpern

Lucinda is the President & Founder of Lucinda Literary and author of the book Get Signed (forthcoming with Hay House). She coaches aspiring authors of all kinds based on decades of book publishing and marketing experience. Her passion is helping writers to find their most captivating idea and the right pitch to present it. Whether you are looking for ways to build your platform, launch a business or a new career as an author, or create a bestseller, Lucinda can guide you to reach the widest audience possible.

She can coach aspiring authors writing in the business, thought leadership, health & lifestyle, self-help, popular science, narrative nonfiction, upmarket fiction, or literary fiction categories.

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Connor Eck

Connor is a senior literary agent at our firm, who focuses on a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, and ghostwriting collaborations.

Since joining Lucinda Literary in 2016, Connor has worked on projects across both the adult and children’s book categories. He enjoys sharing his expertise with writers on querying and submission tactics, as well as insights about the publishing process for all types of authors.

Connor can advise aspiring authors writing in the business, thought leadership, memoir, narrative nonfiction, upmarket fiction, literary fiction, children’s and/or picture books, middle grace, young adult, or sports categories.

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A Note About Our Consultations

Our private consultations are intended to be one-off sessions to help you understand the marketplace, get feedback on your idea or pitch, and receive expert strategies for building recognition. Lucinda Literary does not accept reading fees, so please note that review of a full book proposal or manuscript is not included in this service.

If you are interested in regular coaching with Lucinda Literary, which includes material review, we have packages available. Reach out to us here for more information about our packages and payment plans.

Testimonials for our Private Consultations

“Lucinda’s prowess? She is able to guide a creative person’s mind—which fires in a million divergent directions—towards a single, poignant, powerful idea… and then helps refine the idea to ensure it resonates with readers. Masterful!”
Serena Quaglia, nonfiction writer


“[I greatly appreciated the personalized feedback I received on my own piece. Connor and Lucinda were excellent at facilitating and answering [my] many questions. As an emerging writer who is still in the early phases of my career, I recommend Lucinda Literary’s workshops and one-on-one meetings to help take the mystery out of getting an agent’s attention and maximizing your chances for success. I look forward to participating with more opportunities in the future.
—Kristy Jackson


“Lucinda has been a valuable resource for me as a debut author in getting educated about entire book writing process. Her workshops provide access to a like-minded community that give input and drove the early direction of my work.  Lucinda’s advice has been meaningful in getting my first book to a better, more marketable place.” 
Shibani Joshi, Business & Technology Journalist


“[Upon taking] Lucinda’s seminars, private consultations, and receiving specific comments on how to write an effective letter, I received a publishing contract within two weeks of sending out my proposal! Lucinda has a lot of energy and her passion to help you succeed is extraordinary! Her team is also dedicated to keeping you focused and on task. It has been a profitable and rewarding experience working with Lucinda Literary. I plan to continue to keep our relationship current as I move on to book #2!”
—Lee H. Rosen, nonfiction writer


“Lucinda’s advice on my pitch and query letter was priceless. She was warm, smart and such an expert in what she was talking about. I left our session confident and very clear about what I need to do to give my manuscript the best chance with an agent.”
—Rowan Mangan, novelist


“[Lucinda’s] feedback on my letter and ideas for platform building were clear, personal, and most importantly, do-able.”
—Stephanie Kriesberg, nonfiction writer


[Lucinda’s consultation] was illuminating. I learned more from her in 45 minutes than in months and months of feedback from elsewhere. Invaluable!
—Annie Oswald, novelist

Disclaimer: All our programs are intended to help further the work of any fiction or nonfiction author. Participating in our programs does not guarantee an offer of representation or a later publishing deal.