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A Toast to Authors Michael Solomon and Rishon Blumberg on their Publication Eve

I remember when the proposal for Game Changer: How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy first came in, and I literally couldn’t wait until Monday morning to ask the authors for a phone call. The idea – about how to create 10x talent, and that talent and management were in fact the same thing – felt electrifying to me. And you can rarely say a business book feels electrifying—unless Danny Weizmann‘s involved. There was all this heat and energy coming off the page.

I remember exactly what I wore when I first took a meeting with the authors: a black skirt with studs on it, so I could look a little more rock-and-roll than the other agents they were meeting with. When I saw Michael, I thought to myself, His HAIR. His studded bracelet. This guy LOOKS like a rock star. Oh, and that person in the blazer who’s looking really focused on his Apple watch—definitely the Wharton guy.

Publishers are going to love these two and their story. I had to sign it up.

We had such a wild time developing that proposal. I remember how very 10x it was—every round of feedback getting us to a higher level, the sense of momentum building around the clock. I remember when Michael took me aside for a come-to-Jesus; it was TEARFUL. These talent agents were getting agented, and it wasn’t entirely comfortable! Thank goodness they believed so wholly in the principles they teach. I was going to “third party POV” and “SuperVision” them to their editorial ends.

Turns out—it worked. We got several publishers interested and landed the book with an imprint of HarperCollins. And now GAME CHANGER is out on shelves.

It’s been a fantastic ride (and friendship) working with Michael, Rishon and Daniel on this project. They even interviewed me for the book! Please pick up a copy, for you and your boss, and share the word.

Love you guys.

This is a short toast Lucinda gave for the virtual book release party of GAME CHANGER, which is currently available online and on bookshelves for purchase.

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