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A Toast to Author Jake Wood on His Publication Day

When decorated humanitarian, CEO, and war hero, Jake Wood, was initially referred to our agency, we’ll never forget the excitement that washed over us. During our first lunch together, we hoped declining his invitation for a beer wouldn’t render us too soft for the job. (He would soon learn we were anything but soft in our editorial critique.) Lucky for us, Jake quickly dispelled our anxieties as he dove cinematically into his journey of building Team Rubicon, a disaster response nonprofit that provides veterans an outlet for healing. We couldn’t help but be swept away by his mission to write a book that illuminates the veteran reintegration crisis and unites Americans, regardless of political affiliation, under one cause—service.

Jake and tens of thousands of veterans like him are finding renewed purpose in the work they do battling natural catastrophes. The opportunity to help Jake share this message ignited us. We couldn’t have predicted how close we would grow—or the humorous reparte we would develop with a hard-charging former marine—on the way to landing ONCE A WARRIOR with Leah Trowbourst at Sentinel, who won our hearts with an impassioned letter outlining her enthusiasm and distinct vision for Jake’s story.

We’re grateful for the relentless hard work, the friendship, and even the levity Jake brought to the publishing process. Jake is as much a warrior on the page as he is in disaster zones and boardrooms worldwide. Congratulations, Jake, on bringing your story into the world. We raise a glass to you! Your book inspires us in every passage, right down to the last line of your Acknowledgements.

Lucinda and Connor

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