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GET SIGNED Interview with Bestselling Author Mike Michalowicz


In this video clip, Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First and the brand new book, All In, shares what he did to encourage distributors to put his books on shelves.

If you preorder Get Signed, you’ll have access to Lucinda’s full interview with Mike, where you’ll hear his hacks for finding an agent and getting “the Stephen King advance.” He also shares his tips on how to self-advocate as an author, spilling the secrets that publishers might not want you to know. For example: do you know whether you’d want to keep your audio rights? Or how much is a reasonable amount to ask for your advance?

Mike’s tips for authors aren’t the only ones you’ll get access to! Once you place your order, you’ll have access to 15 other full-length, exclusive video interviews with bestselling authors, leading editors, and top-notch agents. You can learn more about the interviewees, the other bonus materials you’ll receive, and how to claim your bonuses by clicking here.

Interview used to research for Get Signed by Lucinda Halpern. All Rights Reserved