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Lucinda’s Interview With Her Campus Media

It’s always important to amplify the next generation of writers.

In a profile for Her Campus Media, an online magazine aimed at Gen Z college students, Lucinda shared her best tips for those dreaming of seeing their book in the world as well as advice for those wishing to break into publishing.

While you’ll be able get the full extent of Lucinda’s publishing insight in her upcoming book Get Signed, Lucinda is generous to also share some with Her Campus. Here is what she had to say about writing the perfect query:v

“A subject line is worth a thousand words. Speak to the heart of the interests in the book and provide a personalized intro,” Halpern says. “Don’t be afraid of a little flattery either.” 

A query is almost like a written movie trailer. You want to give the agents enough information so they’re hooked. “If we’re not getting a sense of what the action is, you’re not leaving us with much. Focus on the action less of the exposition for fiction,” says Halpern. “For non-fiction work, focus on giving agents the takeaways for the reader when you send your query.”

You can read the full interview here.