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Our Newest Workshop is Here: It Takes A Village

Whether you’re brand new to marketing or a seasoned professional, marketing can be a huge pain point for aspiring and established authors alike.

It’s difficult to know where to even begin.

That’s why, on July 9th at 12:30pm ET, we’re launching our first workshop dedicated to book marketing alone: It Takes a Village. (It truly does!) In it, we’ll dive into the strategies employed by some of the most successful authors. We’ll discuss in depth:

  • Where, when, and how to start building your platform
  • If you need a marketing section if you’re writing a novel
  • How you can find your target audience and build your platform
  • The ways in which “platform” is measured by agents and publishers, and what kind of numbers publishers care about
  • The tools, services, and best strategies that can help you market your work
  • What really drives book sales

And so much more.

Plus, this workshop will feature our client Cait Flanders, Wall Street Journal bestselling Hay House author of THE YEAR OF LESS and ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT!

You won’t just be getting our time and feedback… you’ll also be part of the magic we’ve seen in each of our workshops, when other writers lend insights to your work and come out to support each other. You are already finding your launch team.

Not sure what a launch team is? You’ll learn when you attend 🙂


This live 90 minute workshop is priced at $300 and will take place on July 9th at 12:30 pm ET. A recording will be available for those unable to attend.