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Recent Deal: The Soul Switch by Vanessa Loder

In THE SOUL SWITCH: A Guide for Brilliant, Overwhelmed Women to Quiet the Noise, Find Their Superpower, and (Finally) Feel Satisfied, keynote speaker and women’s leadership expert Vanessa Loder bridges spiritual concepts with business acumen, trust, and authority to help ambitious women gain clarity around their deepest desires, explain why traditional rule-following and goal-setting doesn’t work, and offer a new roadmap for personal success with greater ease.

Based on Loder’s own journey from burnt-out private equity investor entrenched in the “boys club” of business to successful and satisfied woman with a clear sense of self, her book will teach brilliant women how to stop climbing the wrong ladder and start discovering their own unique paths.

THE SOUL SWITCH was sold to Diana Ventimiglia at Sounds True by Lucinda Halpern at Lucinda Literary.

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