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Recent Deal: Make Space for Happiness by Tracy McCubbin

Following the success of her Amazon bestseller, Making Space, Clutter Free, decluttering expert Tracy McCubbin has landed another impressive deal for her newest book, MAKE SPACE FOR HAPPINESS. Digging deep into the center of her clutter block framework, McCubbin presents the seven underlying causes and the hidden yearnings beneath these behavior patterns, which she refers to as clutter magnets. By teaching the reader to nurture the needs they have been neglecting instead of accumulating possessions, McCubbin demontrates how to keep a clean space while simultaneously addressing one’s true desires.

Backed by 10+ years of experience and a can-do attitude, McCubbin urges her audience to pinpoint the magnets that make up their messes and reevaluate what truly matters in the process.

MAKE SPACE FOR HAPPINESS was sold to Anna Michels at Sourcebooks, by Lucinda Halpern and Connor Eck at Lucinda Literary. For translation rights, please contact Linda Kaplan.

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