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Recent Deal: Win When They Say You Won’t by Daphne E. Jones

In WIN WHEN THEY SAY YOU WON’T, Daphne E. Jones gives women the tools they need to succeed even in the absence of mentorship or support. Through her personal growth framework, EDIT—Envision, Design, Iterate, Transform—she equips women with a design thinking model to systematically deconstruct for themselves, from the bottom up, the momentum that has been set against them. If a Black woman from a small Midwestern town can rise to the C-suite in tech, Daphne believes any woman can use the methodology she’s developed to win.

Daphne became the first woman and African American ever to report to the Chairman of the five-billion dollar company, Hospira. With over thirty years’ experience in general management and executive roles at IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Hospira (Pfizer), and General Electric, Daphne recognizes the change that is being implemented from the top down. But the women she mentors and wishes to serve with this book are looking for answers now—to break the cement ceiling and move into higher levels of leadership.

WIN WHEN THEY SAY YOU WON’T was sold to Donya Dickerson at McGraw-Hill, by Lucinda Halpern and Connor Eck at Lucinda Literary .

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