Recent Deal: Rezoom by Susan Peirce Thompson

REZOOM will be Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s first book of thought leadership, exploring how to get back on track after a failure in any area of life. It was sold to Patty Gift at Hay House for publication in 2020 as part of a major 3-book deal. In addition to REZOOM, Thompson will publish a meditations handbook and an untitled third project. Thompson holds a Ph.D. in Brain and Cognitive Sciences and is the author of the New York Times bestseller Bright Line Eating.

We’re thrilled to announce this recent deal from Lucinda Literary author Susan Peirce Thompson.

Work Optional - Tanja Hester

Tanja Hester

"Ms. Hester gets you to think about how you might retire early, forc[ing] you to ponder how you could cut current spending and increase your income, savings and the rates they earn." — The New York Times