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My Big Announcement

We have started sending out the NEW Lucinda Literary monthly newsletter, where we will deliver more publishing insights, strategies, and value, all wrapped up in a single issue! 

In the newsletter, I revealed a big announcement: I’ve just gotten signed for my own book, Get Signed, based on the courses we offer at Lucinda Literary, which have taken on a life of their own.

Through my work as an agent and within our education division, I have always sought to experience what authors experience, so I can serve them with a deeper understanding of their challenges and share my learnings. While the opportunity to become a first-time author came as a surprise, I realize it has also provided me with a real chance to step into the same shoes as you—to know all the questions, struggles, and achievements that come with being a writer aspiring to turn your big idea into a published book. I am writing this book for you and because of you.

Here’s the Get Signed deal announcement:

I have also had the great opportunity to interview sought-after agents, legendary editors, and bestselling authors as part of my research for the book. Hearing what these industry experts have to say about the landscape and their break-through strategies has filled me with joy and optimism for new authors. I’ve learned many things, such as how particular comparative titles within a book proposal or query letter can drive away or capture the interest of editors on the spot. I’ve learned the juggle that editors have on a day to day basis, and what’s needed for them to advocate successfully for their books. There are so many more effective tools and insights that I can’t wait to pass on to you.

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I’ve also been reminded of something I knew in my heart of hearts to be true, based on those authors I have personally taken on and believe in. But it hadn’t been proven to me until I experienced it for myself as a first-time author. I think you’ll find my revelation encouraging. 

If you’ve been told that you need to be a celebrity or have millions of social media followers to get published, I can assure you that this isn’t the case. 

To demonstrate, if I were evaluating my own platform as an author through the eyes of an agent, here’s what I would notice:

  • I have just a few hundred students who have taken our courses and events.
  • My email list is hovering at about 2,500.
  • My Instagram following is just over 1,000.
  • I am one of many agents just like me—not any kind of celebrity.

But I did have a few things that caught a major publisher’s attention. One, the book Get Signed, intended to reach writers who are struggling with the query process, is a book that simply doesn’t exist by a New York literary agency owner who has a track record of selling books. In other words, there was a void to fill. Two, despite having what publishers might call a “modest, rising” platform,  my work as a literary agent allowed access to a high-profile network that could serve as influencers in marketing the book. Last, I often talk about how publishers need to have an author to trust. In my case, working closely with authors for over 15+ years as an agent, in addition to coaching aspiring writers in my programs, signaled this credibility to editors.

All this goes to show that there is no one straight path to publishing success. Rather, it’s a combination of various convincing elements that surrounds you and your work. You have heard similar advice from me before, and now I can vouch for you that they are true. 

I hope that this insight motivates you and that you are brimming with fresh writing confidence as the new year approaches. There are so many opportunities ahead for you. 

Here’s to making 2023 your year of getting signed!