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Recent Deal: The Brilliance Equation by Ron Friedman

Author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace (TarcherPerigee) and Decoding Greatness (Simon and Schuster), publishing this April, award-winning social psychologist and behavior change expert Dr. Ron Friedman has landed another significant deal for his latest work, THE BRILLIANCE EQUATION.

Throw away “superfoods,” dumb-jock stereotypes, and sudoku puzzles. In this next title, Friedman draws from never before popularized psychology research to offer a simple and memorable equation that will revolutionize the ill-understood mind-body connection. With just a few subtractions, you’ll learn how to increase your pay by 6-9%. With a few mindful additions, you’ll find that (contrary to what “distraction” experts tell us) willpower is not limited, but rather a renewable energy source to which we all have access.

Cultivating and embracing a healthy body, and reaffirming its undeniable connection to the mind is, according to Friedman, the best path forward to a brilliant and productive life.

THE BRILLIANCE EQUATION was sold to Stephanie Frerich at Simon & Schuster by Lucinda Halpern at Lucinda Literary for world rights.